Friday, December 5, 2014

Awesome Pork Chop Hash Brown Casserole

Here's a quick and easy recipe that I keep find myself going back to when I have pork chops in the kitchen.

I make it as is with 6 pork chops, and the yield is a moist and delicious pork chop.  I generally use cream of chicken soup as I don't tend to have cream of celery on hand.  So many recipes dry them out, this one doesn't at all!  Six Sisters wins again!  I have a few of their recipes in rotation right now, but this is my favorite!

Six Sisters Pork Chop and Hash Brown Casserole: Recipe Source

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For those of you interested in my knitting, I've finally dusted off my needles.  I'm making some reading mitts for a Christmas present. 

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