Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm here... no really!

WOW it has been a long break... that's what happens I guess!

Lot of things going on... Here's a top 10 (had to limit myself somehow!)
10. Business trip to San Francisco CA
9. Discovered Zumba
8. Went on my first Cruise
7. Freelancing + Busy = Good
6. Business trip to Temecula CA
5. Still stalking Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner and loving SparkPeople
4. New Job!
3. New apartment finished soon
2. Book was published
1. Upcoming trip to P.R.

Stay tuned... more to come


Jen said...

You have been busy! I too recently discovered Zumba. I am going to two classes a week. Totally love it!

Rachel said...

Glad to see a post and to hear you are well!

Where did you go on your cruise?
You published a book?!? Work related or fiction? Very cool!