Monday, March 15, 2010

Cocoa Swappin' 3 Package

I got a delicious package from my Cocoa pal! I opened the box and found everything wrapped up individually. After I opened all of the packages I found all of this...
Two skeins of worsted Mmmmmalabrigo
Here's a close-up of one skeinand a close-up of second skein. YUM!

Then I found a square of chocolate, a canister of drinking chocolate, an adorable tape measure with a cocoa cozy that she made for me, cute stitch markers of cups of cocoa (where did you find these? They're the perfect theme for this swap!) and 2 size 6 KnitPicks tips (1 nickel and 1 zephyr) to add to my set. My partner did a great job! I had commented on how I was always running out of size 6 needles, thanks pal! I can't wait to try the Zephyr tips!
Close-up of cocoa stitch markers

Thanks Cocoa pal! You did an awesome job spoiling me and putting my package together!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There has been

A. Dishcloth KAL Knitting...
B. Which was interrupted by...
which turned into this guy, who was Top Secret knitting for Cocoa Swap 3C. And shopping for Cocoa swap 3...where this Plymouth Paca Tweed followed me home...D. A MAIL CALL! I received this box from my Cocoa Swappin' partner yesterday but discovered it this AM. I'll be opening it tonight and posting soon. Can't wait! Thanks pknitsox!
E. All of above

Correct answer is all of the above (becomes pretty believable when I include photographic evidence huh?)

Blah Buster Mouse
Pattern: City Mouse Toy by Lion Brand Yarn
Weapons: US 6 short DPN's
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic Print (Scraps of random black yarn for eyes and pink sugar and cream for whiskers)
Start/Finish: Feb 28th - March 9th 2010.
For: Downstream Cocoa Swappin' 3 partner

Notes: Fun knit! Bit fiddly with ears and tail, but then again, this is my first Amigurumi. I wanted to use stash, and I found this Ella Rae. I was thinking of a solid brown, but when I found this skein it looked like fun. Quick and fun knit! Casted on and finished the body and also started the bottom piece in one sitting. Ears and tail were a bit fiddly (most likely because this is my first amigurumi) but I liked how it all came together. I would have re-done the second ear if I listened to my compulsiveness, but I had to get him into the mail, so I talked myself out of it. Total project took me time from three evenings. I'd say total of 4 hours? Not sure. I was often multi tasking with laundry or etc.

If I was to make another one, I would add some weight to the bottom. He was sitting well as is, but I imagine after his trip with USPS or over time, he may not sit as well. I didn't have access to my bead stash or stuffing, so I had to get creative as it was, and I didn't have anything heavy to stuff the base with. I stuffed the body with fabric scraps. Thinking about it now I could have used a little rice in the base. Next time!

Modifications: I opted to keep one color for the ears. I found scrap black yarn for the eyes and some pink sugar and cream for whiskers.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cocoa Swappin' 3 Hostess Package

Because Cocoa Swappin' 3 was so small this time around, our hostess decided to send a gift to each person. She's so sweet! Kate sent me two books: Sew On and Knitprovisation
as well as some Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.
Thanks Kate, that was so very generous of you! I love the package! She must have peeked around my blog to see my interest in knitting my first
pair of socks as well as getting into sewing. I can't wait to get all set up to sew
once I move! These books look great for a beginner like me!
Thanks for being such a great hostess Kate!

Stay tuned... I may have knitting evidence...