Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Goals wrap up

I'm moving again into an apartment until this apartment is ready. No, I do not enjoy moving, but unfortunately, it's inevitable. AND my camera battery decided to die, so I don't have any pictures at the moment.

Here's a pathetic wrap-up:

Winter Knitting Goals
1. Cast on for at least one baby item for second pending baby. SORT OF (I have pic to explain)
2. Complete one baby item for second pending baby.
3. Participate in KrisKnits KAL. DONE
4. Participate and complete at least one dishcloth in KrisKnits KAL for either Jan, Feb, or Mar.
5. Participate and complete the dishcloth for each month in KrisKnits KAL (Jan, Feb, Mar).

Bonus: Cast on for something new (either a lavalette, a little ruffle, or ?)
March 20th, 2010

Well, one thing is for sure, I left myself room for improvement ;) After completing 4 of 5 of my Fall goals I thought I was back on a roll but then life happened... I did make a lot of progress on one dishcloth, KrisKnits January cloth. But c'mon, ONE? I'll be posting it soon. In terms of baby gifts, I hadn't blocked the ruffled hat, so I didn't gift it. One of the two pending babies that I was planning for received a dishcloth and I still hope to knit something for the second baby. And of course, there are more babies being added to the list (one for fall, so the completed ruffled hat may be an option.)
As for the next week I'll probably be packing, sorting, and moving. I hope to get my knitting time back after I am settled.

Spring Knitting Goals
1. Participate in KrisKnits KAL.
2. Complete KrisKnits KAL Jan dishcloth. (almost done)
3. Participate and complete at least one dishcloth (besides Jan) in KrisKnits KAL.
4. Cast on for something new (either a lavalette, a little ruffle, or ?)
Bonus: If bead stash is found, start 1 beading project.
June 21st, 2010

I wasn't as ambitious with my goals this season. I'm thinking that way I can get more checked off of my list. I hope to get some more dishcloth knitting in, as well as a cast on for a new project. I'd really love to find my beads in storage! I've got a few projects that I'd really like to cast on for now, so we'll have to see what wins. Also, I'll be traveling in June for work again, and this time it's a LONG flight, so I'd like to have some good travel knitting OTN.

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Rachel said...

Ugh...moving again? When will your 'final' apartment be ready? You'll get back on track with the knitting goals I know...every now and then we just need to give ourselves some slack!