Monday, December 21, 2009


I casted on for the Ruffled Baby Girl Hat in some Peruvia that I had in my stash.
I loved what I had seen of this pattern in cotton (peaches 'n cream) but the babies that I needed to knit for were going to be born when it was still quite cold out in New England and the hat is sized for a newborn. SO, I decided to use a warmer yarn instead and knit the size that the pattern was written for so that the babies could wear the hat sooner rather than later. If I really like the pattern maybe I'll make one for another baby in a lighter weight at some point. The pattern was too cute to pass up.

While I was out shopping the other day I saw a ruffled scarf. That sent me to Ravelry looking for patterns. The scarf was something like this, or this (chunky version). I also came across this
gathered version which was a really neat spin on a ruffled scarf.

Then I really loved and settled on: A Little Ruffle (pattern available on the blog Sadie and Oliver).

I couldn't pass this one up, neither could a lot of other knitters:

Stay tuned once I catch up on my to-do list and decide what to make this out of, and when!

In the meantime, Daizzy wanted to say HI to the blog and her friends.
She loved that Mom had a snow day on Sunday and didn't have to teach any riding lessons, so she got to hang out in Grandpa's recliner while he was out plowing snow.
Her sister Plum was quite happy about Daizzy being in the recliner too, that meant the couch was open for lounging!
Daizzy also had time to have fun with one of her favorite squeaky toys.
Dusty watched the girls to make sure that they didn't do anything that he wouldn't do ;)Daizzy also had her first experience with this nail trimmer. It went really well. She seemed to like having her nails manicured instead of just clipped.
This was taken after she had all of her nails done lightly.
From this pic I'd say PediPaws has got Daizzy's approval!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unique Basketweave Dishcloth

During the week of Thanksgiving my itching fingers found something to do...

This pattern was a fast and fun knit. Thanks Anna of Knitting Up a Storm for sharing her great pattern. I casted on in the afternoon on a long car ride and was done after dinner. I think it was just what I needed to get my knitting mojo going. I casted on for this afterward!

One cute baby gift done and off the needles and another baby item OTN. Two checks off of my Fall Knitting goals!

Fall Knitting Goals
Decide what to do for the two babies that I want to knit for. Not sure how big of a project I want to do now that there's 2 to knit for, and considering how long one project has been sitting on my knitting goals. Finish booties? (booties or garter stitch baby kimono) Start something new? Partly decided, knit one item to start.
2. Make progress on at least one baby item.
Complete at least 1 baby item. Done
4. Work on
5. Make final decision on next lace project. Still teetering between this, this, or this. I want to knit it all! (Use stash)

Deadline: January 1st 2010

I also was feeling the need to bead (goal #4). After searching I realized that I didn't know where my bead stash went during my move in March. I have one more place to check, or otherwise it's waiting for me in storage when I move into the apartment. ::crosses fingers:: I really liked the pearls I picked out for this project and I'd like to make them soon.

Look at what I found when I uploaded pics off of my camera, it's my Son of Dish Rag Tag cloth! (Funny how they are both a derivative of basketweave)