Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spring Knitting Goal Wrap-Up and New Tardy Summer Goals

I did a pretty good job with my winter goals, getting 2 of the 4 goals completed. When I decided on my spring goals I knew that summer was coming (or whatever we call the weather in New England right now) along with a lot of freelance teaching and coaching, moving, and golf, so I tried to keep my goals reasonable. I didn't account for losing my knitting mojo as well.

Spring Knitting Goals
1. Dust off and make progress on Feb. Lady Sweater.
2. Work on Bijouterie.

3. Plan baby items, using stash or pick up materials needed. (2 friends due Aug/Sept.) Currently thinking at least one pair of booties. DONE
4. Make progress on baby items (especially if sweater knitting is getting too hot!) DONE
5. Decide on next lace project ;) (work on #4 prior to casting on!)

Deadline: June 21

I've planned baby items. I casted on the booties with some Cashmerino from my stash. I casted on and made some progress on booties, but my progress was pretty pathetic. I picked up some Louet Gems (fingering wt.) at my LYS in order to make a garter stitch baby kimono. I have completed number 3 and 4 out of 5. I keep looking at lace on blogs and Rav, and wanting to knit lace. Because I want to get some baby knitting done first, and knowing what happens once I cast on any lace, I haven't decided on what I'd like to knit next, just yet. I'll make that one of my goals for the summer. (P.S. I already would have tried to knit some lace for the baby, if it was a girl. Instead, as you can tell by the booties and yarn for the kimono, she's expecting a boy.) Here's a look at the Louet Gems. I thought I'd go with washable for this mom-to-be.

Seeing that I'm posting this wrap up MORE than a month late! (WHOA! I kept waiting to have some knitting to show... and you see what happens?) Now that I'm posting these so late, I'll call them my Tardy Summer Knitting Goals. I feel that I'm on the way to finding my knitting mojo. I followed some advice that I was given in the comments when I posted the problem. I went to my LYS and I will be casting on for something new soon. :)

Tardy Summer Knitting Goals
1. At least one FO.
2. Cast on for baby sweater.
3. Complete one baby item. (booties or garter stitch baby kimono)
4. Work on Bijouterie.
5. Make final decision on next lace project. Lately I'm teetering between this, this, or this. I want to knit it all!

Deadline: September 22nd

Up Next: A SP14 package and a Saucy swap package! (I got the packages late last night and haven't taken pics yet.)
Contest held by the blog STILL coming...


Rachel said...

For some reason I love your goals update posts! But I am curious why you dropped the FLS from your late summer goals? Waiting until fall to go back to sweater knitting?

BTW--I'd vote for lavalette!

Nichole said...

Its funny how many people I know went to a game sometime between Sat and Wed... lol! :) Can't wait to see your pics...

I have several WIPs that need dusting off...