Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caffeine Addicts Summer Swap Final Installment

The rest of my package arrived!
First I received a handpainted skein from iWunder. It is soo soft and it is my favorite colors! Then I received this package from Greece! I had received a note in my first package saying the rest of my package was coming from a sunny place, being a secret swap I guess she didn't want to tip me off by saying how far away she really was! Once I opened the wrapping I saw just how full the package was!I found all kinds of goodies inside! A bag of Christina's special blend of coffee to try, some"extra blend" from her favorite coffee shop, two types of candies made with Mastic (a turkish delight that is from a tree that grows in Chios), two hanks and 1 skein of kangaroo (cotton?), a tea blend called "Maya" which has spices and chocolate, and also a postcard from the island of Kittira (where she vacationed last week). I couldn't avoid taking one more shot with the yarn that I had received earlier.
All of the yarn looked so pretty together, don't you think? The yarn is beautiful, I love the colors! I can't wait to try the coffee, tea and treats! I enjoyed learning a bit about greece and Mastic as well. (Linked above in case anyone is as curious as I was!)
Thanks for such a great package Christina! (Karmologyclinic on Rav)


karmologyclinic said...

Glad you like everything! The yarn (I forgot to mention) is 80% cotton and 20% rayon and the ball is a cotton/nylon blend. Hope you do something sunny and summery with it :)
I also hope you like how mastic tastes, although I haven'tfound one people so far who doesn't.

Nichole said...

What a fun package!!!

AlisonH said...

My first reaction was, oh, a pistachio variation, till I read further. Huh. Curious! Your friend taught a whole lot of people something new along with you. What a cool package!

Erica said...

Fabulous package! The yarn is gorgeous and who doesn't like new coffees to try??

In response to your question, yes! I kept the bananas frozen until serving :) Otherwise they get mushy (but a are still delicious ;)

randi said...

What a great swap gift!