Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Knitting mojo... please come home...

I guess I could say it has been stolen by what we all call life.*

Dear Life,

Can I please have my knitting mojo back?


*Life breaks down into several portions of a whole: a full-time job (including designing and
dry-run of a new 3 day technique course), freelancing (here comes show season), working out (I'm close to my goal, 4 lbs. to go!), and still dealing with "the move" including moving my horse to our new barn later today.

WIP: I have made some progress on the booties, but not nearly enough to warrant a new pic.

I recently found some pic's that I had forgotten to post a while ago. Here's Daizzy with her sister to distract you from my lack of knitting mojo. (Yes, they are littermates. Their mom was a smooth and dad was a rough collie)

Daizzy was enjoying a treat (a bone for tough chewers, but it still only lasted about a 1/2 hr. She loved it!) on her favorite blue mat.
And her sister tried to sneak in and snag it...
Daizzy ended up sharing with her sister, and let her clean up the pieces that fell off of the bone while she was gnawing at it. Sharing is caring ;)
Next: Hopefully WIP worthy pics next time!
Stay tuned, my blogoversary is coming in 9 days...