Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winter Knitting Goals Wrap Up

A bit late with the wrap up, but I was waiting to post my Forest Canopy Shawl FO pics.

Winter Knitting Goals

1. Finish
Feb. Lady Sweater. (hahaha NO)
2. Make progress on my
Forest Canopy Shawl. FINISHED!
3. Attempt to knit jewelry. (
Bijouterie, Winter Knitty) (Have materials)
4. Make something for Hot Cocoa Swap 2 downstream partner. (Marshmallow Woman) Deadline: March 20th

I was really close to getting 3 out of 4 done, but I ended up completing 2 out of 4. Initially I had just wanted to make progress on the shawl but I couldn't put it down and work on #1 and 3. I will try to consider the obsession of lace knitting next time I set my knitting goals ;) haha I wanted to work on Bijouterie but I ran out of time. I didn't have a lot of knitting time towards the end of the winter season, but in the end I still completed two FO's.

Spring Knitting Goals
1. Dust off and make progress on Feb. Lady Sweater.
2. Work on Bijouterie.
3. Plan baby items, using stash or pick up materials needed. (2 friends due Aug/Sept.) Currently thinking at least one pair of booties.
4. Make progress on baby items (especially if sweater knitting is getting too hot!)
5. Decide on next lace project ;) (work on #4 prior to casting on!)

Deadline: June 21

I am currently moving, and then I will be moving again in a few months, so I am trying to set more conservative goals this season. Also, as much as I want to finish my Feb. Lady Sweater, I realize that it might get too hot. In addition, I'm currently suffering from lace knitting withdrawal and want to cast on for a new project. I realize that I should start some baby items first, before I get glued to my lace project and repeat what happened for the Winter!

While getting behind in my posts, I also got behind in updates of how Daizzy's progress in her Beginner Agility class!
She has gone to 4 (of 6) classes now. Our 5th is this evening. So far, she has amazed me. She has been doing great! She has gone through tunnels, barrels, loops, walked on planks (2 feet wide initially, now 1 foot wide), and leaped over countless amounts of jumps including long jumps.

Here's some pictures of us practicing her homework. Before this agility class (or even her obedience class) she would not like to put her feet on different, especially slippery, things. Here she is working on standing on a lid to a Rubbermaid container.

Look Ma, I'm standing with my front paws on the lid. It's not too bad. Where's my cookie?
How is this? I'll sit in front of the lid, is that what you want?Ooooh I get it, OK. All paws on lid. Got it. Cookie please?


AlisonH said...

I'd stand on a rubbermaid lid for a good cookie myself.

Dianne said...

What a sweetie! She definitely deserves a cookie!

Renna said...

Daizzy is making some very impressive progress!

I admire your goal-oriented knitting. I tend to not set goals, which probably has a lot to do with why I don't have much to show for. I'm going to follow suit and set my own self some goals.

Jackie said...

Sounds like Daizzy is doing extremely well!

You're so good about setting goals! I'm more process oriented instead of production oriented and actually start feeling stressed if I set goals. You're doing fantastic!

Rebecca said...

c'mon now, stop working on your goals and give that dog a cookie!

Kathy said...

3 cookies for you Daizzy. Good girl. What a good girl. Your blog people LOVE you.