Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beginning of booties

There has been SOME knitting...I've started working on one of my Spring Goals, baby booties. Another goal was to plan what baby items I wanted to make, and decide on what I need and try to use stash. So far, for the booties I've been using Cashmerino DK from my stash. I'm thinking about making a Garter Stitch Baby Kimono to match the booties, and I'll most likely need to pick something up for that.

Spring Knitting Goals
1. Dust off and make progress on Feb. Lady Sweater.
2. Work on Bijouterie.
3. Plan baby items, using stash or pick up materials needed. (2 friends due Aug/Sept.) Currently working on one pair of booties. May make a Garter-Stitch Baby Kimono as well.
4. Make progress on baby items (especially if sweater knitting is getting too hot!) Booties.
5. Decide on next lace project ;) (work on #4 prior to casting on!)

Deadline: June 21

Also, I WON a tunes contest at Ministrone Soup. The Garden Tweed is gorgeous, thanks Mini! Now I've got to decide what to knit...

I couldn't resist posting this pic. I got one of my first iced coffee's of the year on my way into work the other day, and LOVED the statement on the cup.
While I'm at it... Let's go BRUINS!

P.S. Take a peek at this site. It's the Iced Coffee Weather predictor. I'm sure it would have said yes over the weekend or the beginning of this week. Today it is telling me NO. hahaha


Mini said...

YAY! I am so happy you liked the prize!

:) mini

AlisonH said...

It takes a brave soul to start something so tiny on multiple dpns in a circle. Bigger, like an adult sock, no problem for me, but baby size I'll admire from afar and wish I could be a knitter like you.

Moriah said...

Hooray for iced coffee...and for making progress on your spring goals...but mostly for iced coffee :P

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I have been wanting to knit with that yarn.Hugs Darcy

Rachel said...

Looks like you continue to do well with your knitting goals! I so enjoy that you post those and update us on the progress! And that yarn you won in the contest? Gorgeous! I'll be anxious to see what you decide to make with it!

Mary said...

Love the iced coffee website! And the kimono pattern is adorable :)