Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My Marshmallow Lady won 3rd in the Cocoa Swap buddy buster contest! A requirement of the Cocoa Swap was to knit your partner a buddy buster. Once I found out that my partner loved marshmallows, and I found the pattern that the swap hostess Michelle had designed, I had to make her one! I won a set of stitch markers from InsanKnitty's Etsy shop! Michelle also included a cute hot cocoa notepad in the package (You'll have to imagine a cute cup of cocoa, it somehow skipped the pic, and now it is packed). Thanks go out to Michelle for hosting such a fun swap, and for donating beautiful stitch markers and goodies!

SparkPeople Update:
New You Bootcamp II Completed (Feb.), Swimsuit Bootcamp I completed (March).

For the month of February, I participated for the second time, in a 4 week program on Sparkpeople. I loved it! I feel a lot stronger!
New You Bootcamp II stats:
New You Bootcamp II weight loss: 3.2 lbs.
Inches Lost: 2.5 inches

Total weight loss during both New You Challenges: 6.2 lbs
Total Inches Lost: 5.5 inches

For the month of March, I participated in a different bootcamp, the Swimsuit Bootcamp. It is similar in the way that it alternates the muscles you work each day, but it uses different excercises. I just finished it this weekend.
Swimsuit Bootcamp Stats:
Swimsuit Bootcamp weight loss: 4.2 lbs.
Inches Lost: 3.5 inches

Total weight loss during both New You Challenges and the Swimsuit Challenge: 10.4 lbs.!!!
Total Inches Lost: 9 inches

What's up for the month of April? I haven't quite decided. Maybe a combo of the Swimsuit Bootcamp and a mix of some of my favorites.

Yikes, where did March go?

As I was thinking about posting, I logged in and realized it HAD been quite a while! I blame moving, Spark (ing), my freelance teaching picking up... and well, life happening ;) In order to catch up, I will be making a few posts in the near future!

First things first, I present,
a FO:My first shawl! I seriously loved knitting it. I am now seeing the addiction! I keep plotting what lace I will cast on for next. I must have put it down for almost 3 weeks because I was really busy, and all I had was 5 rows left! I kept trying to finish it, but I couldn't find the time. I finally got around to finishing and blocking it last week.

Pattern: Forest Canopy Shawl by Susan Lawrence
Weapons: US 8 Knitpicks Options Circulars
Yarn: Knitpicks Ambrosia in Cornflower (3 skeins)
Measurements: Pre-blocking: 18L X 37W Post-blocking: 23L X 47W
Start/Finish: December 25, 2008 - March 20, 2009
I flew through most of the shawl, minus the last 5 rows, in about a month. It could have easily been done in a month of leisure knitting, but life got in the way before I finished it.
Recipient: Not sure...

Notes: Great pattern for my first shawl. I ran out of yarn had to tink back at the second to last row to omit one of the pattern rows and bind off. I ended up skipping just the second to last row and binding off. Also, I learned a new bind off, it was nice and stretchy! I would have liked to make the shawl even bigger, but overall I love it! I see myself knitting another shawl in the very near future, and maybe another Forest Canopy shawl after that!
Modifications: When I had the correct amount of stitches to begin my edging, I felt as if my shawl was small and I still had one full ball of yarn left. I carried on for 3.5 more repeats past what the pattern called for, and the pattern grew exponentially! Then I began the edging.