Monday, February 9, 2009

Work Hard, Play Hard!

"Whaaat? I'm working!"
"See if you tilt your head like this you break off more chewy stuff faster!"

This week, we had a moderate storm, and the bulk of it was during Daizzy's Obedience class time on Tuesday evening. I called the school, but never reached anyone, so I was not even sure if it was being held. I was set to go anyway, until I saw a three car pile-up next to my driveway. I decided to take that as a sign and stay home. Daizzy and I have been doing our homework, and as a reward she got another insert for her Everlasting Treat Ball. Originally I was hesitant to buy this toy for her, because she can typically destroy a toy labeled to be for aggressive chewers. Luckily, we've had this one for almost a year and it is barely showing wear! Also, the treat inserts last a really long time. She's quite an aggressive chewer and gets hours of gnawing and chewing out of each insert.
WIP: Almost done with my Forest Canopy Shawl. Once I completed the patterns recommended amount of repeats I still had more than a ball of yarn left, so I kept going. I've completed 2.5 more repeats and I'm starting to worry if I have enough to finish. I think I will move on to the edging now. For a while I kept thinking it would be too small, but now my shawl is growing exponentially!
Also, I am almost done with my Cocoa Swap Buddy Buster. I'll post details once my partner gets her package!
SparkPeople New You Bootcamp Challenge COMPLETED! The challenge ran the month of January. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to participate with some other motivated Sparkers in another round for the month of February. This program has helped to get me moving every day. I've now become accustomed to doing one 10 minute video each day, 5 days (minimum) of cardio, and typically I participate in the day's challenge video as well. My goal for next month is to get more cardio in. Overall, I feel more fit and my clothes fit better. I didn't have any huge losses, but any loss for me is a loss. In total I lost 3 lbs. The change in my measurements is more surprising, between my chest waist and hips I lost 3 inches! I gained 1 inch of muscle between my thighs and arms, from all of the lunges and weight training no doubt!
(*graphic was borrowed from and saved to my browser)


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I just wanna hug your dog what a cutie;)Hugs Darcy

Heather said...

Wow that dog chew toy is genius!

The shawl looks lovely!

Rachel said...

Darcy is a cutie!

Your forest canopy shawl is looking great! It is a smallish shawl, although you'll be amazed how much bigger it'll get with blocking!

Congrats on losing some weight and inches!

Dianne said...

Such great pictures of Daizzy!

wildflower38 said...

Daizzy's sooo cute!!!

Love your shawl!

Jenna Z said...

Hooray for Spark People! I am doing it over again in February too! My new favorite thing-NetFlix has watch instantly workout videos you can watch on your tv or computer! Instant variety for my cardio without buying a ton of DVDs!

Mary said...

Daizzy's so cute :) Love the shawl, it's gorgeous!
I'm depending on my Wii Fit to lose weight, but so far I've been watching the graph of my weight move up and down within 2 pounds, not trending down...:) Maybe I should check out Spark People.