Monday, February 16, 2009

Cocoa Swappin' 2 Package Arrived!

I received my Cocoa Swap package from Jenn. She did an awesome job! I got 7 flavors of her favorite Cocoa to try. I'm always looking to try people's favorites! Also, a yummy skein of Schaefer Heather Yarn and chocolate twizzlers from her local candy store. She sent me a yarn cutter knowing that I didn't have one yet, and it made a welcome addition to my notions bag! I also received a handmade awesome lavender sack, which I could smell through the box! (Lavender is one of my favorites!) Last but not least, she knit me a Sleepy! He is soo cute!
Shhhh, don't wake Sleepy! (You can also see the lavender Sack a bit better.)
Yummy Schaefer and twists!
Thanks Jenn! You sent me a lot of your favorites, including yarn, cocoa and twizzlers that I haven't tried before, I can't wait!

I can now show my top secret knitting for my downsteam partner now that she's received it! During the swap I found out that she loved marshmallows, so it seemed appropriate (thanks to our swap hostess for sharing such an adorable pattern!) to knit her a Marshmallow Woman.
Marshmallow Woman
Pattern: Marshmallow (wo)man by Michelle Malach
Weapons: Size 10 1/2 Bamboo DPN's (yarn called for 10, but I surprisingly didn't have 10 DPN's, they worked out just fine.)
Yarn: Peruvia by Berrocco
Size: O/S Started/Finished: Feb. 7-9, 2009. (Could be completed in one sitting, but I didn't have stuffing) Recipient: Downstream Cocoa Swap 2 Partner
Comments: I followed her pattern for the body and improvised a bit on the limbs. Next time I'd make the legs longer. It was hard to judge how long they "should" be, it's not like I've ever seen a marshmallow with legs before! Sewed on buttons for eyes and strung some beads for a mouth. Made mouth not firmly attached so that it’s expression can change dependent on how it sits. Overall a great pattern, and a super quick knit! I could have finished in one sitting if I had the "stuffing" on hand.
Future Options: It may be helpful to put some rice or "weight" into the bottom of the body.


Ariel said...

She's sitting perfectly fine (without the rice) on my mantle. I love her!!!!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

wildflower38 said...

Lucky you! Great loot from the swap.
That yarn cutter pendant will come in handy.

Cute marshmellow!

Megan said...

LOVE the marshmallow woman!!