Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting DOWN to business...

After our first class, Daizzy and I practiced and practiced her "sit" for homework. This week she learned "down" in a matter of minutes in her second class! Woo Hoo!

Here she is working on this weeks assignment, including "stay" as well...What a smart girl! I am so happy with her progress. We've got her third class tomorrow.

Dusty has petitioned that he hasn't been on the blog these days. While Daizzy and I were practicing, he was silently petitioning and working on his "down" and "stay" in the next room from us. I had to get photographic evidence.
In order to even the cards, he also demonstrated his favorite, "sit."
Too bad I can't get those on command... you know what they say about cats. ;)
He does know one trick by command, I'll have to have him demo that another time.

Lastly, he wanted to one-up Daizzy, so he demonstrated how to "play dead."
He's pretty convincing!
Daizzy listened to her Lassie instincts and checked in on him immediately.

I wonder what he'll do after Daizzy learns something new!

WIP: I have promised a WIP shot, here's the latest "blob" pic of my Forest Canopy Shawl. I finished the pattern repeats, but I'm going to do a few more. It seemed too small to stop now, and I have a little more than one of three skeins left. I wanted to finish it this weekend, but I didn't get enough time to work on it. Hopefully I can get some solid knitting time in to finish soon. Lace knitting is sooo addictive!


Jackie said...

The pup and the kitty are so, so, cute!

Dianne said...

Clearly, they are both brilliant! I love Daizzy's markings.

Mary said...

The shawl looks great! My cat loves to pratice "speak!"...all the the time :)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love it when I see pets playing and your shawl is pretty:)Hugs Darcy