Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Knitted Gift Ideas AND Entertainment

While catching up on my Google Reader I ran into a few things worth sharing:Dusto may need some new grubs. I mean there is already an 85% chance that he is plotting to kill me, so why not right? Not sure if I could actually get this ON him, but it would be entertaining.
Check out these adorable key cozies.

This picture was taken sometime last week. I've since made more progress.

I worked on my February Lady Sweater over the weekend (I'm finally done with the yoke.) I also worked on Mom's Mitts. I think posting my Fall goals got me itching to work on some more off of my list. Then, of course, I started thinking about these. I am getting close to finishing my goals. If I can just get started on my first shawl before December 21st, I will make all of my Fall goals. I want to make more progress on my Feb. Lady sweater and Mom's Mitts before then also.


HSailorMoon said...

Wow, I would want to make that jacket for any of my cats.

I know I could put it on the oldest cat... the middle one, no she does want to kill me, I didn't need a quiz for that one. Then the kitten, I think she would destroy it while wearing it.

She even tries to bite her bell on her collar and chokes on the collar... so she would go all crazy for this.

However! I really want to make one now! :D

AlisonH said...

A key cozy! That would be a great way to try out various buttonhole types while making something that would make it easier to find one's keys, if you've got a purse like mine. Although, wow. That's certainly a new one.

Jackie said...

Wow! You've had a very productive weekend!!! And getting so close to all your goals! Congratulations!

Shannon said...

I would love to try and get a sweater on my cat...he's 19 pounds and that's after some weight loss! It is cute, though.

Good luck with your Fall Goals!

Rachel said...

Looks like you are coming along with your fall goals. Good luck getting the rest of the way there. And so far, the sweater is looking great--looks like you are about to get into the lace--exciting!

Dorothy said...

My FLS is blue too! I'm hoping to finish it before Christmas!

Good luck making all of your fall goals!

Rebecca said...

i'm sure your cat would look smashing in such an ensemble. what colors would you pick though?

Renna said...

I recently saw that cat hoodie, and for just a moment, I contemplated knitting it for her...but in that moment, I also conjured up a bloody, scratched up ME that would result in trying to get it ON her! I'll pass. ;-Þ

The key cozies are darling! We are constantly fiddling with every key on our ring when opening the front door. Color coded cozies would put a stop to that; plus, this time of year, the keys tend to feel rather cold in our fingers. Thanks for sharing that!

PS-You are very pretty!