Monday, December 15, 2008

DPN Love, Swap Update, and a Quiz

Last week I said I wanted to put some work towards the rest of my Fall Knitting Goals, and work on Mom's Mitts. I did, and I can't seem to put them down! Strangely, the second mitt was easier. (No OMS apparently.) I knit it entirely on (5" Brittany Birch) DPN's the whole time. For the first mitt, I was uncomfortable and swapped to circulars after the cuff. I think it also helped to be already on DPN's when I reached the fingers. I was way more comfortable using them by the time I reached the fiddly fingers, and I loved the feel of my Brittany DPN's. I also ripped some of the first mitt's fingers and re-knit, but it's still not the neatest knitting I've ever done.
Over the weekend I started the caps.
Swap Update:
SP13 has begun. I'm getting a package ready for my downstream. Cocoa Swap 2 is coming. Registration opens December 28th. Swap by Feb. 15th.

I've recently gotten into this show. When I watched the first episode of the first season I did not like it. Now I've been watching last season on my Netflix and catching new episodes weekly. Good thing it's going to be after Grey's soon. Sounds like a good fit to me.


AlisonH said...

I have never knit any type of glove in my life. You're way ahead of me.

HSailorMoon said...

Those gloves are looking great! :D Keep going!!!! :D

Also that Cocoa swap looks tempting~ I love coffee, but never drink it enough... however hot cocoa is always a fan favorite for me. Also it is one swap package, which is manageable. Thanks for the info! :D

Jackie said...

I love your gloves! I'm working on my first pair but it has a thumb only, the rest are fingerless! I hope my 2nd one goes as smoothly as yours!