Thursday, November 6, 2008


I incidentally* swatched for my February Lady Sweater on November 2nd while on vacation. I had been thinking about joining the madness called NaKniSweMo (Knit a sweater in the month of November), but wasn't sure if I could get enough knitting time to finish before December. I joined, so we'll just have to find out. (*Yes, Moriah, I believe this is partly your fault.)

OTN: February Lady Sweater in Cascade 220 Heathers. Progress pic's coming. Just got in from vacation yesterday. Made good progress past the first button hole on the plane home. Just haven't had time to take a pic yet.

Progress pic of Baby Umbilical Hat before I left for vacation last week.

Finished: Baby Umbilical Hat
Knitted most of the hat while on the plane on my way to vacation. Once I arrived in Florida I saw that I had dropped some stitches and decided to just rip back a bit. Where I picked my stitches back up I managed to twist a few stitches and it resulted in a not so pretty mid section of the hat. I'm considering ripping and knitting backwards (Towards the bottom of the hat, instead of as the pattern is written towards the crown) to relax my OCD. If I only wasn't such a perfectionist! Once I do that, I will post a FO pic ;)


gaylen said...

Can't wait to see your sweater. It's gonna be red, right? Will be lovely! g

Rebecca said...

yay! i'm glad you joined the madness. can't wait to see how this sweater comes along.