Friday, November 7, 2008

Final Library Enhancement... for now... and AACS Q3

Playing catch up with this one. Franklin's book arrived the weekend before I went away. I'm sure I can find good use for the free gift bag (Included with pre-order from Interweave) over the holidays!

Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap Question #3
What is it that you love about your first cup of the day? Are you a daily drinker? How do you take yours? Tell us how you love to enjoy your first cup!
I love the aroma while brewing, and then the taste, once I've poured a cup. I'm a daily drinker. I take mine with just a touch of skim milk. Occasionally I will drink a mocha or something, but my daily cup is usually pretty simple with just a touch of skim milk.

Also, a quick update on my Minor Casualty. I emailed KnitPicks and they are replacing my cable! Woot!

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