Friday, November 28, 2008

Another NaKniSweMo Update and a Quiz

Here's some another progress shot.  After posting the blob of knitting on my last post, I realized I hadn't posted what it looked like more flat.  Life continued to happen, but I stole time for a row here and there.  Here's a WIP pic from before I knit while watching some Netflix and TV.  (More recent photo coming soon.)  
I'm hoping for more time over the rest of Thanksgiving break.   I won't be making the November deadline for a sweater in the month of November, but I'm hoping to make a lot of progress into my first sweater before December hits!  I've still got some more time to try.

Found this quiz over at Mariknits and I've recently been pondering this exact question.  It just may have confirmed my beliefs.   Dusto has been QUITE friendly lately...

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

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Mary said...

The sewater looks like it's coming along nicely :) It's hard when it doesn't look like anything yet, but it's a beautiful pattern.