Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Team Dishin' It Out Races to 4th Place!

YAY! Go team Dishin' It Out!
We not only completed the race (which is great in my book to choreograph 12 knitters, actually 13 (counting Emily the wonderful host who was both the starting and finish line), with one box, pattern, and handknit dishcloth at each stop all around the U.S.) but we finished 4th out of 24 teams!

Last week I made my first purchase at this lovely site... maybe you've heard of it... Ravelry...

I've been stalking the Rip and Frog pint glasses for some time now. And who could resist the Bob pin? I borrowed my SP12 downstreams yarn to model this shot, the white worked perfectly. Also, 50% of all pin proceeds go to Special Olympics!Close-up of Bobicus Maximus Limited Edition Pin
New Swap: Now that all of my swaps are finishing up it's just about time to start a new one :)
Just registered in the Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap. I participated last time around and had a great time. Sign ups open till the Oct. 15th.


Nichole said...

I had to have those pint glasses too!!!!! :)

Congrats on your 4th place finish!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!

AlisonH said...

I love colorwork, but it's amazing how simple white will reach out and grab you like yours there does for me.