Friday, October 24, 2008

Minor Casualty, Luxury Library Enhancement, and a FO

I was trying to finish another Baby Genius Burp Cloth and then this happened;
Look a BIT closer
EEK! My cable pulled out from the screw that connects it to my KnitPicks Options needle. I promptly fixed that problem by logging into KnitPicks and ordering some more. I frequently use the small cables and was needed some more anyway. Unfortunately I bought them just over a year so they are not covered under warranty. Stay tuned to see what other goodies I put in my shopping cart. I may have been encouraged by the $50 order free shipping policy, obviously!

Everything worked out in the end. I finished the Burp Cloth. Whew! I just made sure to BO really slowly.
One of the babies that is receiving this burp cloth and my blue bib has already arrived. I will post a pic once it's ready to ship out. I am tempted to cast on an Umbilical Hat before it goes into the mail. I had bought this cashmerino for a Branching Out Scarf but I think it has now spoken, and wants to be something for baby. How can I argue?

Also, another book arrived fresh off of the press! It completes the collection. (I'm such a Geek.)
I loved the scarf in the middle of the pic. I don't have the book with me right now, but I'll add the name if I get the chance later.
I'm taking a vacation next week to Florida to go and see my nephews, niece, and my brother and SIL again. Is it normal to be worrying about what to pack to knit and not have put one thought into what I'm bringing otherwise?

I signed up for SP13. They are offering 3 different price levels this time. I couldn't stay away... Can you? Registration is STILL open!


Rebecca said...

i thought you were psyched at how that yarn argyled-up! wow. but hate that you had to order a replacement part for your needle. enjoy sp13!

Tea said...

That's a cute burp cloth! I've had the same thing happen with my KP cables, but they have replaced them speedily. Hope you have a lovely visit in Fla. :)

Renna said...

What a shame that your cable needle malfunctioned. It seems they should have a lifetime warranty, or be made to last longer than a year. Then again, maybe your needles get more of a workout than most. ;-)

I'm drooling over that book. It's on my wishlist, for sure! :-)

Rachel said...

I've heard about the Knitpicks Options doing that on occasion...too bad it happened to you. At least your got the burp cloth done without much pain though! I like the blues!

gaylen said...

Wow - that looks like a great book. I really like the scarf on the right.

I agree that sucks about your needle and just over a year! However on would think they could offer a better warranty when they have a known issue of breaking. g