Monday, October 13, 2008

Library Enhancement and Actual Knitting Content

There has been a steady stream of books arriving on my doorstep... First it was anticipation of this book, then this, and now THIS. (I can't say this is the end of my library enhancement for now, because I am waiting for two more books as they are released, stay tuned for those.)

Yarn for February Lady Sweater
I chose Cascade 220 after seeing the overwhelming number of 189 Feb. Lady Sweaters made in either Heather (106) and Classic (83). I chose a navy heather because I liked the color variations.

That's one thing to check off of my Fall Knitting Goals checklist!

I have taken forever to post this little FO:
It's another Mason-Dixon Bib for another of the pending babies.
Here's the current WIP:
I think this picture is a bit old, I've knit more on it since. I hope to finish this soon. Once I finish this second Mason-Dixon Baby Genius Burp Cloth I will post the set together and show the button in a bit more detail. Here's a picture of the cute ladybug buttons in the meantime.

UPDATED Fall Knitting Goals:

1. Finish other baby gift set. (Bib completed, Burp cloth OTN)
2. Start my first shawl. (Notice the key word, start) (Forest Canopy Shawl, Simple Lace Shawl).
3. Purchase yarn and make progress on first sweater. (Most likely a February Lady Sweater.) (Yarn Purchased!)
4. Work on more projects that have been OTN for far too long.
5. Something for Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap (Registration closes Oct. 15th)

Deadline: December 21st

GO Sox!!!


Rebecca said...

ooooooohhhh, can't wait to see your february lady sweater knit up!

Moriah said...

Hey girl!! I'm loving the yarn for the sweater...I've been thinking about buying some yarn for that very same purpose. I'm holding back because I already have another big project on the needles. I love the bibs...and the way the colors criss-cross across each other...awesomeness! Can't wait to see you! Maybe I'll make it out to Webs this week and I can show you my haul!!

Jackie said...

Love the navy yarn! Yummy!

I'm going to hear the Yarn Harlot on Thursday!

Renna said...

I just saw a completed February Lady sweater on another blog I read. It's a beautiful style, and I love the rich color of the yarn you chose, perfect for a sweater!

Hoorah for you, accomplishing so much!

Shannon said...

Great yarn choice. I think this may be my next sweater, as well. I've got some Cascade 220 Quatro in my stash.

I love the bibs, and buttons. What a great gift for baby.....