Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Final Summer of Yarn Package Received and Fall Knitting Goals

My third and final package from the Summer of Yarn swap arrived!
It was packed with all sorts of great treats. My Upstream partner Heather, HSailorMoon, did an excellent job shopping! This package had a gorgeous skein of Mano's, a lovely seashell tea light holder, a journal, cute post-it's, adorable stickers, seashells, Swedish fish, 6 skeins of Sugar 'N Cream with a Lily pattern book, and an appointment pad. I didn't own any Mano's, she picked out the perfect skein! I've also been eyeing the Lily pattern book for some of it's dishcloth patterns. Also, every knitter knows one can always use more cotton in my stash ;) Heather also knew I liked cute note pads and etc. The beach theme was perfect for me!
Here's a close-up of the gorgeous Mano's. Not sure what I'll make with it, but it may shift some of my new projects priorities!

I have really enjoyed this swap. I hope to participate again next time around. I am not in the Fall swap, but will keep my eye out for a winter one or etc. Thanks Heather, you were a great partner! All three of the packages were awesome!

My new Mason-Dixon book also arrived! After only a quick flip it looks as awesome as expected!
Here's a project that immediately caught my eye, Belinda.
I do believe Mohair is one of my weaknesses...

Because the first day of fall was Monday...

Summer Knitting Goals: (Complete/Incomplete)

1. Complete a burp cloth to gift with Bib DONE
2. Complete a square for something *top secret* (I will reveal later!) DONE
3. Complete another baby gift set (College Roommate due in Fall) WIP
4. Washcloth (or 2) for a Swap (Summer of Yarn, or also SP12 too if I have time) Modified and made my Dish Rag Tag cloth instead.
5. Start my first shawl. (Notice the key word, start) (Forest Canopy Shawl, Simple Lace Shawl).
6. Work on some more projects that have been OTN far too long. Worked on Mom's Mitts

I have started but not finished goal #3. I am almost done with the bib. Not sure what else I will make, another Baby Genius Burp cloth?
The one goal that I did not complete was #5. I blame it on the fact that I have no way to skein my yarn and did not want to hand wind that skein. I'm working on purchasing a yarn winder.

Because I was motivated by my summer goals I would like to propose some Fall Goals as well.

N.B. They may be modified if I decide to add any holiday knitting in the near future, but this is what I'm aiming for now.
This all was started by Skeins Her Way posting her own Summer knitting goals on her blog. I encourage anyone who is interested to post their knitting goals also. (Please comment here if you do!)

Fall Knitting Goals:

1. Finish other baby gift set.
2. Start my first shawl. (Notice the key word, start) (Forest Canopy Shawl, Simple Lace Shawl).
3. Purchase yarn and make progress on first sweater. (Most likely a February Lady Sweater.)
4. Work on more projects that have been OTN for far too long.
5. Something for Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap (Registration opens Oct. 1st)

Deadline: December 21st

Coming Next: Knitting content!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Blog Gadgets

Race is still going... Go Team Dishin' It Out! Keep up the pace! Get your needles ready Christy!
I participated in Great American Dog pool over on Rav. The shows season ended, and surprisingly my team made it quite far, despite personality/training conflicts. The winner was BarknKnit. Her package is winging it's way to her as I write this. I may blog what it is once she's received it.

Swap Updates:
Summer of Love Swap has ended. Final package has been received by my downstream partner. My upstream partner has said that my package is on the way. I am patiently stalking my mailbox for her package and also the new Mason Dixon book from the ladies at Mason-Dixon Knitting. Anyone else get it yet? I preordered on Amazon. I've heard rave reviews! They posted a cute bag pattern over on their blog to celebrate.

SP12 almost over. Runs until Sept. 31st. Currently gathering final parts of my downstreams package.

Can't wait to "meet" my swap partners, both upstream and downstream!

Two new NEAT blog gadgets added to my toolbar.

Had been toying with moving over to Google Reader from Bloglines, and this program was the extra push for me. (Nothing against Bloglines, just want to try the other format and etc. at Google Reader to see what I liked better.) Follower is new to Blogger. Neat idea. Click on the button on the toolbar to check it out. Here's an article on Blogger about it. Your feeds on Google Reader mark you as a follower on other people webpages. To me it's like having a posse... a knitting blog posse. ;)

Another way to find new blogs.

OTN: Another Baby Bib from Mason-Dixon's first book. It's off of my Summer Knitting Goal list.* Haven't had much time to knit this summer. I've only had time to work on the bib a few rows at a time!!!

*Will post a Summer knitting wrap-up soon, as the last day of summer is Sept. 22nd!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dish Rag Tag Half-Way Checkpoint!

Just a quick post to cheer on team Dishin' It Out. Go team GO! I can't believe it, but we're already past the half-way point! Hopefully our mailing strategy and speedy turn around will help us to settle on the top of the pack. Keep up the great work ladies!Not much knitting to speak of. Hopefully that will change soon!
Thought you may enjoy seeing Dee and I at our last show. We did well. It was her first traveling show since her injury last year. She is doing so well that she is making progress in her training again. I now treasure each and every ride since she was injured.