Friday, August 22, 2008


Whee I was tagged! The race has begun! That means it was my turn to receive a box with dish rag cotton, a pattern and some goodies. It was my turn to knit a dish rag as fast as possible and pass on the pattern and some goodies to the next team member.

Being an excited captain for team Dishin' It Out in Dish Rag Tag (the Sequel) this time around, I figured I'd post something to walk participants through the race. There are several veterans from last years race on my team, as well as several who didn't participate last time. Emily has done an awesome job explaining, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and explain the process in other words also. If anyone sees anything that is incorrect, please let me know.
  • Once you've been tagged (i.e. the person before you has received the box and logged in to DRT to report it) you will be notified when you login to DRT. Priority mail states that it can take 1-3 days to arrive at it's destination. Note: If you log in before you've physically received the box, wait to check off that you've received it, as not to goof up the neat widget that Emily has set up.
  • Now is the time where you hurry and wait. I'd suggest to have already picked up your goodies and dishrag cotton before your tagged so that your ready. But if you haven't stocked up, do so now.
Emily sent me a skein of Sugar 'N Cream with measuring cups, candy, and a recipe along with the Official Dish Rag Tag The Sequel Pattern and Official Rules
  • Once your box arrives, remember to treat it gently. Emily has posted this on her forums, and I've also seen the boxes far into the race. They go through a beating. Make sure you cut the tape and resist the urge to just rip it off. The tape works much better as a buffer on the box instead of removing pieces of the cardboard with it each time it is opened which instead weakens the box.
  • Now that you've received the box you can log back in and report when you received it and you will be prompted to select who you are mailing to. Carefully select who you are mailing to, and you will be presented with that persons mailing address. (*Important* make sure you know who you are mailing to. I am fairly certain that once you select one person you will only be able to see their address. If you choose incorrectly, this could goof up your teams selected mailing order considerably.) You can print the mailing address straight from there and avoid any errors when handwriting (which was what I did and recommend) if you prefer. This will tag the next member of your team letting them know that they will be receiving the box soon.
Could not capture the detail in the cloth, but the pattern is much more visible in person. It still keeps the pattern a secret for while the race is going on.
  • Now is the time to take out your sharpened knitting needles and knit faster than you have ever knit before, while following Emily's pattern (included in the box) with the dish rag cotton that you received in the box.
  • Once you have cast off you can take pictures, as I did, or proceed to packing your box for the next leg of the race. You get to keep the dish rag that was shipped to you in the box, along with any goodies inside.
You must include:
1. The pattern sheet
2. The rule sheet
3. A skein of dishrag cotton
4. The dish rag that you have just completed.
5. Any other small goodies that you want to include (I recommend candy, it keeps the
sugar high going. I sent a second skein of cotton in my package. Only one is required.)
  • Carefully seal the box and attach the label. (I like to sign and/or decorate the box before I ship it out, but it's up to you and your team.)
  • Head to the post office. You want to mail the box at your local U.S.P.S using Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. *Important* you will disqualify your team if you don't follow this rule.
  • Once you have mailed your package be sure to hold on to the delivery confirmation stub. You can then log in to DRT and you will be prompted to report when the you mailed the box. You will also be prompted to enter the delivery confirmation number for tracking purposes.
  • Now you can get back to work or doing whatever it was when your package arrived before you dropped everything to knit. Remember to log into the forums to cheer on the next legs of the race!
P.S. You'll notice that I haven't received a dish rag yet. Emily changed things a bit from last year and is sending the captains (who are all receiving the box straight from Emily and were the first leg of the race) the dish rag that is sent to her at the end of the race.


Anonymous said...

I'm routing for Team DISHIN' IT OUT!
Good Luck! Sounds like a lot of fun...

Secret Pal Spoiler

Nichole said...

Glad to see more familiar faces in the tag this year... :) You're brave to be a captain!