Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let the race begin! Summer of Yarn Package #2 and SP12 Question #10

Dish Rag Tag has almost begun! I was assigned as the captain for team #20, called Dishin' In Out, so I'm sure I'll be posting about our progress frequently ;) The host, Emily, mails the packages on Aug. 15th and it goes to captains first, to each of the 11 remaining team members, and back to Emily across the finish line. Let the race begin!

I got a great second package from my Summer of Yarn spoiler. I had been house/barn sitting for the past week and couldn't get my camera in the same room with the box. It finally worked out last night.
She sent me four skeins of Bute, two felt book marks, a beautifully etched stone, a zippered pouch which will most likely reside in one of my to-go bags for stitch markers and other small necessities, "A" post-its, and a cute mug with a little bear inside. Also, 3 chapstick's (I could never have too many flavors, I am addicted!) and hand lotion which were both inside a clear cube which could be used to show off some lovely yarn afterward.

The yarn is lovelier in person, as expected ;) My spoiler told me they found it in a store that sells different exotic yarns. The blue is so beautiful and the yarn is soo squooshy! I'm sure if I saw it somewhere I would have picked it up for myself.
Here's a close-up of the stone. I really like it. I have to find a place to keep it where I'll see it every day. It's so cheery. Underneath it is the zippered pouch that I'm sure will be put to use soon. I've already tried the lotion, it's awesome!
Thanks for another awesome package! Your doing an awesome job picking out things for me, They're awesome!

SP12 Question of the Week #10
What Olympic event would best describe you knitting/knitting style?
I would have to say Diving. I like to have things just right, and I typically jump right into a project. Lately I have been trying to finish up the ones that are already OTN, but I find myself casting on for something new quite often.

OTN: Speaking of my cast-on issues, I casted on another Baby Bib from Mason Dixon from #3 of my Summer Knitting Goal list.
Peeking at my list made me realize I've got a bit more to go. First day of fall looks to be September 22nd.

Blue Italics indicates DONE
Bold indicates in progress

1. Complete a burp cloth to gift with Bib I made last week. DONE
2. Complete a square for something *top secret* (I will reveal later!) DONE
3. Complete another baby gift set (College Roommate due in Fall). Casted on Bib
*4. Washcloth (or 2) for a Swap (Summer of Yarn, or also SP12 too if I have time).
5. Start my first shawl. (Notice the key word, start) (Forest Canopy Shawl, Simple Lace Shawl).
6. Work on some more projects that have been OTN far too long.
(I have done this, but still have projects OTN that could use some attention)

*I joined Dish Rag Tag after making these goals. I wanted to make a washcloth for a swap. May substitute the cloth I will make for my leg of the race for #4.

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