Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Much needed Elizabeth Zimmermann

to add to my library.  
I know, it was pretty sad that I didn't have these books already in my library.  Good thing I saw the emergency when I was logged on Amazon and  placed  some pre-orders and picked these up also! 
I told you I've been knitting... nothing hugely significant, but crossing off on my to-do list nonetheless.  
FO: Baby Genius Burp Cloth (Mason-Dixon Knitting)
FO: Secret Square (What this square was for is a secret.  It will be revealed ASAP.)  
Another knit listed on my Summer Knitting to-do list completed!
Blue Italics indicates DONE
Bold indicates in progress

1. Complete burp cloth to gift with Bib O' Love
2. Complete a square for something *top secret*
3. Complete another baby gift set (College Roommate, due in Fall)
4. Washcloth (or 2)
5. Start my first shawl
6. Work on some more projects that have been OTN far too long (Mom's Mitts)

As of July 22nd, 2 of 6 goals completed and one in progress!


Rachel said...

I don't have those books either and keep thinking that I'm just not a knitter if I don't own Knitting Without Tears! I'll pick it up one day!

Rebecca said...

i was frantic to own these, as well. i have two copies of KA, but can't find one. who knows where it is? but i was desperate to start that february baby cardigan and so i ordered another copy. still haven't completed any EZ projects though. i'm a bad disciple.

Mary said...

Knitting Without Tears was actually my next Amazon purchasse idea :)

wildflower38 said...

I bought the Knitters Almanac last Christmas. EZ is awesome. Maybe one day I'll actually cast on the PI Shawl lol

Megan said...

I've been whipping things off my WIP list this summer too. It feels good to actually finish things once in a while.

sweetgeorgia said...

I love that Knitters Almanac... so tiny and so smart. Enjoy the books!