Monday, June 30, 2008

First SP12 Package Arrived! Also, SP12 Question #3

I must say, I've had a good week with the mailman! (Despite our previous history, he is redeeming himself.)
I got my first package from my SP12 Spoiler! She sent me two skeins of Elegance (KnitPicks) in a lovely blue. I'll have to look on Rav and see what others have made with it! The box was filled to the brim with beads in their own storage cases for making stitch markers, beautiful stitch markers (made by my pal. I didn't post the photo here because the photo doesn't do them justice), some Dove chocolate (my favorite!) and Swedish fish (another favorite)! Also I got a lovely card with a clever poem inside. It is really making me wonder just who this spoiler is! Thanks go out to my SP12 for a great package, can't wait to get to know you!

Closer look at the KnitPicks Elegance.
Question of the Week #3 (for SP12)What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?
I would say that the perfect amount of stash would be enough to make almost anything that I would want to knit. I said almost because it would be impossible to have enough of a stash that I would have everything. Half of the fun of a new project can be shopping and comparing fiber and trying something new. It would be perfect to have enough stash where I'd have the yarn on hand to just cast right on, with no waiting!

Here's a view of some CoolSpun that I just picked up last week when I dropped by my LYS.
I am starting to work more with this cotton than P&C. It won't necessarily replace the P&C in my stash because I do like some of the color combo's available in P&C and S&C, but it will be good competition!
I had originally stopped in to pick up my Stitch 'N Pitch tickets to go to a Worcester Tornado's game this Sunday with Moriah but of course I ended up buying stuff also. (Including prizes for my contest, keep your eyes out for my next post!) I bought a few more things, I'll post them soon!

WIP: I casted on for a Baby Genius Burp Cloth with some more CoolSpun Cotton.
I also casted on my second Mom's Mitt. This project has been lingering for far too long!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you like your package...I had fun putting it together!

Secret Pal