Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shimmer and Stitch Markers

One WIP off the needles... Shimmer Eye Pillow is blocking.
(Will post more completely once stuffed and lined)Last week I also made some progress on my Airy Scarf . I also have Mom's Mitts OTN and on my "To Do" List. I see myself casting on for something new somewhere in there... I have to give myself a reward sometime right?

Also hoping to get my PIF gifts done and in the mail very soon! I orginally posted about it in August with other plans. Now I've settled on what I want to give, I just have to finish getting it together and in the mail.

As I mentioned before, here is a pic of one of the three stitch marker sets I made and sent out recently. I didn't want to post it before anyone had gotten theirs, they should all be received by now. I sent one set out to my downstream Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn swap partner and two sets out for Spring Stitch Marker swap.


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Ok, love the totally rad stitch markers!!

Mary Mary said...

I love the beads on those stitch markers!

Renna said...

I love the color of yarn you used for the eye pillow, and the new stitch markers are awesome. I'm still enjoying the ones I won from you. ;-)

Rachel said...

Nice stitch markers...they are great!