Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Repeat Offender

Back from Harlot, she was great as usual! She talked about how knitters are not unlike monks, and that we can think at a higher capacity than non-knitters... we all already knew that, who is spreading the word to the muggles? She also told us about many different studies being done to demonstrate the benefits of knitting, and also she managed to crack us up along the way.

I went with blogless-Enid (we missed you Moriah!) We had fairly good seats, but the lighting was pretty low so my picture isn't fabulous! There were 1,000(+) people in the Calvin!

I knew that Webs was having a sale, but also that they were offering even more discounts in honor of Steph's day there. So, I stopped in and braved the insane crowds. I waited in line for 45+ minutes to cash out. Any regulars will agree, there is usually no line to speak of, it was really crazy. I picked up something for my downstream Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn swap partner and then walked around in a daze for a while. (I don't think I'll ever get over Webs' shock) I managed to find a few things to add to my queue.

Take a look at the control I had... I only purchased these skeins of DB cashmerino DK on sale to make a Branching Out scarf by Susan Lawrence. (Now after viewing the pattern again I'm thinking of making the wider mohair version as well with something in my stash...)

And I also picked up these two skeins of laceweight Malabrigo to make Obstacles by Anne Hanson. I love this color, couldn't resist. I even had a Webs salesperson stop me to tell me that it was her favorite Malabrigo color. I thought this would be a great lace project! I also stopped in Web's new bead store, but I did not pick out anything. I definitely have to stop by again soon!

Here's the latest WIP Amanda Hat. It's sooo close to done. I'm ready for the decreases. (Again, sorry for the bright pic, I really need natural light for this yarn)

Also, at the talk I casted on a "Speckled" washcloth for my downstream partner in the Spring Fling swap. It's in a cheery color of coolspun cotton from my stash. (Pics soon to follow)


Nichole said...

Glad you had fun! Are you attending the Grantie State Knit In or the NH Sheep & Wool?

Mary Mary said...

That Malabrigio is a really gorgeous color! I get WEB shock too. I have been known to wander around and around for an hour plus :)

Rebecca said...

What a GREAT marquee! what did folks in your city think was going on with a Yarn Harlot out and about?

looks like lots of yummy yarn purchases, too.