Sunday, March 30, 2008

Red Sox Swap Goodies!

I participated in a Spring Training Day swap over on Ravelry, for Sox Fans. I have taken all week to post this (Sorry Sheri!) I just started my new job this week. Because of my busy week, I am also packing my downstreams partners package today to send out tomorrow. Sheri sent me a very thoughtful and themed package! First I found a CD that she made for me with all kinds of knitting/sox goodies! Sheri knit me a Wally!
She said this was her first time needle felting and that she had fun. She did a great job! He is so adorable! (Now I want to try needle felting!) Next I ripped into the package and found two skeins of Knit 1 Crochet 2 in Creme Brulee and a part skein to make my first socks.
Because she knew I hadn't knit socks before, she sent me a Magic Loop book along with Addi Turbo lace needles.
I got two packages of Soak. I've been wanting to try it for some time. I also got a cute bracelet and some baseball beads to use next time I make some stitch markers. I looked around for these for my swap partner, and couldn't find them! Also, I received some Red Fire Bar chocolate! I haven't tried this kind before, it looks good! Thanks Sheri! Now I'll just have to grab my knitting and wait for opening day with Wally! Go Sox!!!

Malabrigo March Contest Update: Entries closed on Friday at 5pm (ET). I am gathering entries for my contest today, and I will be posting a winner as soon as I have one by random number generator. Because of the great response to my contest, I may have another prize! Stay tuned!

WIP: I hope to be casting on my Amanda Hat today with my skein of Vermillion to squeak in some Malabrigo March knitting before the month is over!


Renna said...

What alot of goodies you got. It looks like Christmas! I love the Wally! :-)

KSee said...

great swap. I knit my first pairs of socks on two 24" circulars, now I use the magic loop. If you need extra help go to youtube. There are all types of great places to help you out. Have fun.

Nichole said...

What a great Red Sox package! I esp love the Wally - I need one, lol!

Kenyetta said...

Wally is so cute!