Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Third Time's a Charm and Defeat the Winter Doldrums Topic #3

Topic #3: Post photos of your cotton stash and the notions you use to make dishcloths.
Here's what I call the cotton drawer. Seems a little stuffy doesn't it?

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Here's a birds eye view ;)

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Inside you'll find a ton of Sugar 'N Cream, some Peaches 'N Cream, Endless Summer Cotton Laura, and some Knitpicks Cotlin.
Next you'll see my Notions:

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Here's what I use when working on dishcloths. Typically I used to use my bamboo needles and keep a pair of scissors and a needle handy for weaving ends. Since my last dishcloth I have made and also swapped several pairs of stitch markers. Most patterns are simple enough to not need markers, but I'm sure I'll use them with some pattern in the future. I also recently used my knitpicks circular needles and found them to be quicker and smoother to knit cotton with and I will most likely continue using them for dishcloths. Also, you can see previous swap gifts, my needle case and alligator case, are being put to good use!

Speaking of gifts, lookie what I got from Blogless Enid and Baby Adam... A Namaste needle pouch for my binder and Knit Klips. Awesome! I love getting knitterly gifts and when they come from the person who started all of it, it means that much more. Thanks Enid! I love them!

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WIP: Continuing with my My So Called Scarf saga, I somehow messed up the pattern and kept knitting on telling myself that it didn't look horrible, that it was just giving the scarf character. Once I knitted several inches above the gaping wholes, I realized it looked like hell. If you can imagine, I wasn't happy to rip for the THIRD time, but I couldn't overlook the error.
I didn't knit a lot this week and I realize now that a big part of it was because I was dreading the rip. When I had settled in to watch the Super Bowl I realized I had to face the inevitable, and fix my scarf.
Regretfully, I didn't get a photo, I inserted a stitch holder several rows below the error, and riiiiiibbittttt to the frog pond my gaping wholes went.
The rip went smoothly, and after picking up my scarf again my tension issues from before were settled and the pattern was flowing along well. I wish I could say the same for the Pat's, but I am not in the mood to comment on that. I think enough has been said in blogland to cover it. Here's what it is looking like now... (as with all of my Flickr pics, just click on them to view larger)

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I am pleased to say that the scarf is farther past the last WIP shot, even with all of the frogging and re-knitting, and is flowing along much easier on the needles. Practice makes perfect right? haha

I just joined a KAL, the Entrelac-Along (Ravelry link). I have wanted to make Dave's Brilliant Garterlac Dishcloth for a while. It looks like a good intro to entrelac.

I want to get my other To-Do's on my list going, and I need to pack knitting for my 4 day Snowmobiling trip that I'm leaving for on Friday. I plan to take my So-Called scarf along with two skeins of dishcloth cotton for my Defeat the Winter Doldrums Cloths.


Dorothy said...

An Entrelac dishcloth - how cool! I've just added it to my queue. I knew that dishcloths were good for learning lace patterns, but who knew what else!


Mary Mary said...

Well the part of the scarf that's not messed up is pretty. I think I like the yarn you're using, it looks really soft. Don't you love the way this pattern looks?