Friday, February 29, 2008

Kicking the Winter Doldrums to the Curb

Got my Defeating the Winter Doldrums package. It was packed with goodies from Betsy! The box was packed with three knitted cloths, three skeins of cotton and many other gifts. I have already put my vanilla sugar hand soap in my bathroom, Yum! I also got a mini-bamboo crochet hook. It is so neat, perfect for fixing mistakes, and should fit perfectly in my to-go bag. She also sent me some apple cider, a Starbucks gift card and a bag of sweets.
She made me TWO beautiful dishcloths and a Tribble.
She picked out three lovely colors of SRK CoolSpun Cotton.
Everything was so thoughtful, thanks Betsy! You definitely know how to beat the winter doldrums!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter Doldrum FO's and Project Spectrum WIP

As I posted last time, I finished my Snowflake llusion Washcloth for my partner. Here's a few pics.

Snowflake Illusion Dishcloth
Pattern: From my Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo group (in Database)

Weapons: Size 6 Knitpicks Circulars
Yarn: Knitpicks Cotlin (Navy) and Peaches 'N Cream (bright blue)

Started/Finished: 2/13-2/18/08

Recipient: Winter Doldrums Swap downstream partner

Notes: Should have considered using double stranded CotLin. Thankfully, the Illusion is still visible. Pattern was fun and quick. I love snowflakes, I will most likely do another one of these at some point. First time using Cotlin.

Tribble I and II

Pattern: Tribble by Abigail at 1870 Pearl
Weapons: Size 6 Knitpicks Circulars
Yarn: Leftover from Snowflake Illusion Dishcloth
Started/Finished: 2/20-2/21/08
Recipient: Winter Doldrums Swap downstream partner

I had over half a skein of each yarn remaining from the dishcloth and I thought Tribbles were so cute, so I casted on to make one. First one was a great way to use up leftover cotton. I ended up casting on for the second one the same day and got it done in under 2 hours with a few distractions. I guess they’re THAT addicting, and cute too!

Notes: I had read on Ravelry that you need to make sure both yarn tails are on the same side when you complete casting off. That was a good tip and saved me some aggravation with finishing.
Blogger is being annoying and not letting me post a closer look at Tribble I and II.

Also, I casted on something that was sitting in my Queue which was Project Spectrum worthy, but Blogger apparently doesn't feel that way, and is being stubborn.
It fits the theme for February / March FIRE; orange, red, pink
If your interested, take a peek at my Project Spectrum WIP pic on Flickr. Hopefully Blogger will cooperate next time, and I'll post it then ;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Expanding My Bookshelf and Winter Doldrums Topic #5

I have been placing orders on Amazon lately. I needed to order something for my mom. I couldn't pass up the free shipping deal, so of course I will blame Amazon for getting me to purchase Knit 2 Together

Over a week later I placed another order for a gift and got tricked into expanding my library again for free shipping with this: Knitters Companion Expanded and Updated

Overall I think it was a good deal, I got some books that I needed and also got two books that I've been drooling over for a while off of my Wish list, and Free Shipping ;)

Winter Doldrum's Topic #5
If money were no object, and the day was just perfect - not to hot, not too cold, sun shining, slight breeze - how would you spend a perfect day out that had been given to you in the middle of a cold and blustery winter?
A perfect day out would have to be spent outside playing frisbee with Daizzy and going to the barn to spend time with my horse Dee. If she was sound we'd go for a ride, if not we'd go for a long walk. (Update: Dee is still lame, but slowly showing improvement. (She has been since July/August) Keep your fingers crossed. We both will appreciate it. She has shown me that she misses the work, but she is being patient with the slow healing and return to work.)

OTN: I finished a Winter Doldrum's washcloth today. Not sure if I am posting pics before or after the package is sent. May cast on something else to include in the package, not sure what.
Currently Ravelry is down for maintenance. I guess I didn't realize how much I relied on Ravelry to choose what I was casting on next, until it is down. Good thing I have a few projects OTN already hahaha

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Friday! I already knew...

that I'm a Masshole. I just felt compelled to take this quiz once I saw this on nothingbutknit.

You Are 88% Massachusetts

Wicked pissa! Now go down to Dunkies and celebrate.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Survived the Forks and Defeat the Doldrum's #4

Back from Snowmobiling, it was a great time! I'm hooked! We had great weather and fresh powder to ride on over beautifully groomed trails in The Forks Maine. I got in some time on my So Called Scarf and also I started my Defeat the Doldrums downstream partners Dishcloth. It's a snowflake in illusion knitting. I enjoyed making the illusion scarf last time so I thought this would be fun. I am working with P&C (bright blue) and also Knitpick's Cotlin (navy). I should have considered using a double strand of the Cotlin, but it seems to be working out ok.

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

Originally uploaded by ponyknit
Topic #4
" Defeat the Winter Doldrums" for some of us we get the doldrums and others don't. For the ones who get doldrums what helps you get rid of them? For the ones who don't get the doldrums, what helps you keep them away?
I don't usually get the Winter Doldrums. My advice to everyone around me who is afraid to get the Doldrums is to get into something that is a winter hobby. Whether it is skiing, sledding, ice climbing, snowmobiling or etc. Find a winter hobby, or in my case, several winter hobbies to keep yourself liking winter.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Third Time's a Charm and Defeat the Winter Doldrums Topic #3

Topic #3: Post photos of your cotton stash and the notions you use to make dishcloths.
Here's what I call the cotton drawer. Seems a little stuffy doesn't it?

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

Here's a birds eye view ;)

Originally uploaded by ponyknit
Inside you'll find a ton of Sugar 'N Cream, some Peaches 'N Cream, Endless Summer Cotton Laura, and some Knitpicks Cotlin.
Next you'll see my Notions:

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

Here's what I use when working on dishcloths. Typically I used to use my bamboo needles and keep a pair of scissors and a needle handy for weaving ends. Since my last dishcloth I have made and also swapped several pairs of stitch markers. Most patterns are simple enough to not need markers, but I'm sure I'll use them with some pattern in the future. I also recently used my knitpicks circular needles and found them to be quicker and smoother to knit cotton with and I will most likely continue using them for dishcloths. Also, you can see previous swap gifts, my needle case and alligator case, are being put to good use!

Speaking of gifts, lookie what I got from Blogless Enid and Baby Adam... A Namaste needle pouch for my binder and Knit Klips. Awesome! I love getting knitterly gifts and when they come from the person who started all of it, it means that much more. Thanks Enid! I love them!

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

WIP: Continuing with my My So Called Scarf saga, I somehow messed up the pattern and kept knitting on telling myself that it didn't look horrible, that it was just giving the scarf character. Once I knitted several inches above the gaping wholes, I realized it looked like hell. If you can imagine, I wasn't happy to rip for the THIRD time, but I couldn't overlook the error.
I didn't knit a lot this week and I realize now that a big part of it was because I was dreading the rip. When I had settled in to watch the Super Bowl I realized I had to face the inevitable, and fix my scarf.
Regretfully, I didn't get a photo, I inserted a stitch holder several rows below the error, and riiiiiibbittttt to the frog pond my gaping wholes went.
The rip went smoothly, and after picking up my scarf again my tension issues from before were settled and the pattern was flowing along well. I wish I could say the same for the Pat's, but I am not in the mood to comment on that. I think enough has been said in blogland to cover it. Here's what it is looking like now... (as with all of my Flickr pics, just click on them to view larger)

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

I am pleased to say that the scarf is farther past the last WIP shot, even with all of the frogging and re-knitting, and is flowing along much easier on the needles. Practice makes perfect right? haha

I just joined a KAL, the Entrelac-Along (Ravelry link). I have wanted to make Dave's Brilliant Garterlac Dishcloth for a while. It looks like a good intro to entrelac.

I want to get my other To-Do's on my list going, and I need to pack knitting for my 4 day Snowmobiling trip that I'm leaving for on Friday. I plan to take my So-Called scarf along with two skeins of dishcloth cotton for my Defeat the Winter Doldrums Cloths.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Project Spectrum and Sox Spring Training Swap

I just decided to join everyone else in Project Spectrum. The theme this time is Elements.

I thought it would be fun. Because it is over 2 month spans I thought I could fit this craft-along in my schedule and have time to enjoy it. I have watched people participate in the previous project spectrum, and I was really glad to find that this round was just starting today.

February / March FIRE; orange, red, pink
April / May EARTH; green, brown, metallics
June / July AIR; gray, white, yellow
August / September WATER; blue, black, purple

Stop by for some inspiration and join the Flickr Group while your there!

Another Swap
To all of the Red Sox Fans out there, there's a Spring Training Swap on Ravelry (signups until Feb 7th). I couldn't resist, this one looks like a lot of fun!

More Contests!
Stop by this 2nd Blogiversary contest (before Feb. 4th) and this contest (before Feb. 5th), please don't forget to mention who sent you!

On a personal note, it looks as though I'm going to have a LOT more knitting time in the near future. I just recently found myself inbetween jobs and searching the job market. I have spent this whole week searching and applying. For now, inbetween the job searching, I'll be working on some of the projects on my "lists."

1. My So-Called Scarf
2. Flip-Top mittens for my mom
3. Airy Scarf (probablly on hold until I tackle some To-Do's)

4. My PIF gifts. I really want to get them knitted and out soon so that they can be enjoyed!
5. Defeat the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth swap knitting
6. Amanda Hat KAL (Due by Feb 21st)