Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mail Bag x 4!!!!

First, I am pleased to report that the mail man and I have found some sort of understanding, and I did not have any issues with the receipt of any of these packages. (Is he messing with someone else's yarn and packages? I hope not...)

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap
Right before I went away I received my Winter Wonderland Package from MaggiBleu. She knitted me a beautiful Angel ornament. She also sent me a cute mug with some chocolate and cookies with Starbucks coffee. Thanks so much Maggii!

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Stitch Marker Exchange
I received two of three sets of Stitch Markers from the Stitch Marker Exchange Winter Swap.
My first set was from Margaret. She sent some stitch markers in a beautiful box and even included extra beads for making more!

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I received a second set from Lisa. She also included some tea!

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I participated in the previous Stitch Marker swap that was hosted on the same site as the winter one I am in now. I had one partner flake and not send any stitch markers. I started to forget about it, and I received THIS envelope! Thank you so much Risa! (She did not tell me her blog or etc, so I am unable to thank her directly.) Not only did I receive some beautiful stitch markers but I also got one skein of microspun and two skeins of Jiffy Quick in my favorite color! Thank you for sweeping in and being an awesome Angel!

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Casted on My So Called Scarf before leaving for my visit to Florida. It looked like this:

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I didn't think it looked right, but towards the end of a long day I kept knitting through my flight. It still was not right. I figured I wasn't knitting the even rows correctly, and glanced at the pattern. Turns out that I stopped reading the pattern after the first row. There was another row in the pattern. I had the pattern with me the whole time, but kept thinking I needed to knit a little farther and things would look ok. Not the case...

So Riiiibbittttt, to the frog pond it went. Casted on again. Knitted the "correct" even and odd rows, and things still didn't look right. This time I at least stopped knitting before things got too out of hand. I re-read the pattern. WOW... I still wasn't reading the pattern right.

I was knitting:
*K1, Sl1, K1, PSSO* Knit last stitch

K1 *Sl1, K1, PSSO* Knit last stitch

DAMN those * * and me not seeing them...

So Riiiibbittttt, to the frog pond it went again.
So then I am at what felt like my billionth attempt, and things are starting to look ok. I nailed down that there was a two row repeat instead of just one. And secondly, I realized just what the pattern was really telling me to repeat. I am glad I got things figured out by my trip home because sitting in the airport waiting to see if your flight home is even happening due to severe weather, can stress a girl out. Good thing I had my knitting to be actually resembling a So Called Scarf at this point. I am very glad that the snow did not disturb my afternoon flight plans, and it slowed by the afternoon. It wouldn't have been horrible to be stranded in an airport with nothing left to do but knit, but I think the two dogs and cat waiting at home for their cuddles and dinner would have been a bit upset. I had issues trying to knit looser, I must have been taking out my stress on my scarf. The tension seems to be evening out on it's own. I'm loving the Malabrigo ;)

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Lesson Learned: Pattern may look simple, but read and re-read before you *think* you know what your doing ;)

Defeat the Winter Doldrum's Dishcloth Swap
Want to join me in a fun yarn/dishcloth/soap/goodies swap? Sign Ups still open (until Friday the 18th). My Questionnaire can be found here.

Site Update
Just got a cute blogiversary button. Saw it on Margaret's page, and had one for my own page in minutes! (Stop by her blog, her Blogiversary is coming up soon!)

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