Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Knitting is my therapy

...and Retail Therapy involving knitting is TWICE as nice!

I know I'm quite behind in my book collection. I kept telling myself to get some planned projects done from my One Skein Wonders book to justify needing more, but sometimes you just need more motivation and a REALLY hard week on the personal front to induce such purchases. At times I couldn't even focus on knitting (yep, it's that bad), so instead I started planning and purchasing these. (Thankfully I've snuck in a few repeats of my Wisp over the past week and reaped some therapy, but I really need more.)

I'm watching my mailbox for these:
Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson for the SO many great projects!

Mason Dixon Knitting
by the lovely ladies Ann and Kay who were one of my first daily blog reads.

Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick for many great projects also!

To all of the Dish Rag Tagger's: Happy July 31st, let the race begin! (Anyone from Running Ragged please check the forum, I just posted.)
Anyone else starting to get excited about the new contest with Knitters Virtual Vacation? I'm glad that they are running such fun contests while we wait for the swap!
(Hey to FiberWho if you're reading this!)

YAY for Yarn Harlot in two days! I look forward to meeting a bunch of new friends.
(A girl has got to keep herself looking forward to something in a tough time like this, and it's certainly all things knitting these days!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What kind of Needles are you?

I found this quiz on knittinggal's site and really wanted to try it out. (She's running a contest, better check it out!

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are "turbo" charged.Fast moving and classy, you get things done with power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be deceiving, since what you really value is quality and efficiency. As you're careening around those corners in life, finishing a dozen knitted objects each month, stop and smell the roses. Don't miss the beauty of process!
Take this quiz!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Shopping and Vintage knitting...

On Friday, I had planned a trip to Boston with a friend (a muggle) and our plans changed last minute. Because it was an awesome way to use up my vacation time before it's gone and she had the day off anyway, we went to Boston for the afternoon to visit a friend of hers and explore. I needed some buttons for my Wisp and knew that Windsor Button would have what I wanted. Many of the local knitters in Boston spoke highly of the store so I knew that they would have what I wanted. I found more than just buttons, educated my friend about some knitting things, and ended up finding just what I needed for my upcoming KVV swap. If anyone from New England is looking for State specific gifts, e-mail me or comment here, I would be glad to share my findings! It fits the swap PERFECTLY! I will hold posting about what I'm sending out for the swap now, but pic's will be following when it is closer to when I have sent it out. (Late August) It was nice to get almost everything that I wanted to send in one stop! Of course, I also picked up something (or two) for myself. First, a skein of New England Highland wool in a really pretty teal that has a lot of different shades of green and blue (#13 High Peacock). Also, I got a skein of Crystal Palace's Kid Merino (#9802 blue/green/deep purple) in order to make a Gossamer shell scarf from "One Skein Wonders." I didn't realize until now, but apparently I was in a blue/green sort of mood. I definitely will go back to Windsor Button, and I would also like to find other yarn shops next time that I am in the city. (Hear that Moriah?)

Lately, several people have been holding really FUN contests. I ran into knittinggals' contest that is still going on. Head on over to her blog and check it out! I had a good time looking around and I will have to put hers into the rotation. I LOVE her old-school knitting pic's.
I have a thing for old pictures. It makes me feel like I am looking back and sharing moment of time with that person. I have a collection of old pictures of family members. Most of them are of my grand parents, my great grandparents and and their siblings, hanging out on the farm, playing in the snow or going on pony rides. Now I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for older knitting photos. I love that stuff!

After looking at Knittinggal's page, I started poking around on Google and looking at vintage knitting photos. Look at what I found:

Now, all of you children of the 80's: I couldn't resist this... apparently Paton's made a pattern booklet for the SMURFS! Man, if only I knitted then... Now, I won't kid you, I won't be knitting anything from this SMURF booklet. (Actually, now I think it's a "collector's" item.)
(Gotta love the ultra big hair in a high ponytail. (I have a school pic from elementary school with the same high ponytail, so it makes this even more amusing to me.))

Friday, July 20, 2007

Yarn Harlot's comin to town...

I know I posted this earlier, but I had not found the registration information. I knew that her Web's appearance a few months ago (that I sadly missed) had such a big turnout that it warranted a change in venue, so I had a feeling there would be one for this event also. I'll be going on Thu. Aug. 2nd to Borders in Burlington, MA with Moriah. I already know that two other new bloggy friends are going, anyone else?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are you...

patiently awaiting your invite?

Found you!
  • You signed up on June 29, 2007
  • You are #11595 on the list.
  • 5544 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 6721 people are behind you in line.
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far
I waited a little while to sign up because I didn't think Ravelry was going to be THIS big, but now.. I'm Antsy in the pantsy, so basically... the "antsy check" told me " you are waiting for 67 million people ahead of you, and then it's your turn..." OK I got it.

Other Stuff:

1. Mr. Juju (the washcloth model) decided that he would go for a RUN in the woods last night, against H.W.H.B's better wishes. One minute he was behaving and having his before dinner run in our backyard, and the next he was off into the woods in pursuit of something (we still don't know what.) He was gone from 8pm until 12:30pm. H.W.H.B went through the woods for over an hour and then I drove around looking for him until 10. I don't know what he did... but I know he rolled in Skunk somewhere along the way and turned up on our deck at 12:30. I am just thankful that he made it back in one piece, without injury. We were really worried about the little guy. I don't think you realize how much you care for your pet until something like that happens. He won't be allowed off-leash until we figure out how to get his boundaries established again. We live in an apartment on 9 acres and he has handled it fine, until yesterday. When we get home from work we will let him run and play Frisbee/fetch for a while to give him some exercise. Once it is dark he is always on a leash. Apparently we need to re-train something, somewhere. Or maybe he's just still a dog? I don't know. For some reason I think he was on a "scent" trail. Usually he will stop at the edge of the woods, but he didn't this time. At a time like this we just have to appreciate that he did find his way back home! H.W.H.B kept telling me he was going to come home because he hadn't had dinner, and maybe he was right! (You know what they say about a man's heart...)
On a side note, we googled an "at home" recipe for de-skunking and gave it a shot. It involved (1 part) hydrogen peroxide, (1/2 vol. hydrogen peroxide) water, (1/4 c.) baking soda, (splash) doggie shampoo/dishsoap and leave it on for as long as your dog can stay in the tub. Leaving it on isn't the problem, it's the getting him into the tub that is the hardest part! Once he's in, he knows the drill by now. I know it worked for a "deep" clean, but he's still a bit skunky. He's BRIGHT white, but slightly skunky! I think mostly his face stinks. We may re-bathe the "runaway" again tonight, we'll see how things go today. Maybe we'll pick up some tomato juice next time. This "at home" recipe worked for using ingredients that we had on hand at 1am. I'm just happy he's back!

2. Yarn Harlot updated her book tour page, and she is coming to Burlington MA on Thursday, August 2nd!!! I missed her NoHo appearance in May, but I refuse to miss this one! (I was way more excited to go after I realized it's not Burlington VT and that there is IN fact a Burlington MA.) Moriah, (see my start of knitting story here) and I will be there! Anyone else going?

OTN: Wisp (Photo updates to follow soon)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Face Cloth Photos

0707 Jujuwashcloths 1
Originally uploaded by ponyknit

L to R: Nubbins, Shades of Green Face Cloth, Back To School Face Cloth Basketweave.
(I'm pretty sure the blur in this photo is from when he licked the camera!...)

Here's my first attempt to post using Flickr... (technically there was a test when I set it up, but lets not count that, it was not a "real" post) I can not figure out how to get the wraparound text, I did that last time in Flickr, but I wanted three photos in this one post, so I could not figure it out. Next time!

For FO details and patterns, see this and this previous post.

Another first for a post: Introducing Juju, the rescued 2 year old Akita mutt, as my FO model.

H.W.H.B. and I wanted a dog, and I found him on petfinder.com a few months ago. Juju was at Ahimsa Haven in Winchendon MA. He had been called several things in the shelter, his first full name was Joubert, but we figured the nickname Juju suited him well, and he understood it. He was turned in as a 6 mo. old and lived in the shelter for a year and a half. They had trouble placing him because of his size (75+ lbs.) and his "tough" looks. What other people didn't see, was that he sort of missed out on his "puppy" stage, and that he's just a big baby and quite the cuddle-bug! We were looking for a large sized dog, and the shelter was looking for people like us without other dogs or small children. We just fell in love with him and took him home the same day we just went to "just look"! He needed a touch up with his manners, but he aims to please. He could definitely have another dog in the family or some kids around, but the shelter never got to see his normal self. He was totally different when he got individual attention and a set schedule. He is definitely an Akita. He has a lot of family connection with us and is quite the guard dog. He also leads H.W.H.B around by his wrist when he needs something (food/to go out). Also, he likes to "talk" when he is really happy with himself or feeling cuddly. I'm sure this won't be his only post, I just will have to figure out how to get him to wear FO's when the time comes. He does not like anything put on him, so maybe we'll have to find some more poses that he will "approve."

OK, now I must go and hug my mutt after I leave a few more photos!

0707 washcloths sun
Originally uploaded by ponyknit
Top to Btm: Back to School Basketweave, Nubbins, Shades of Green Face Cloth

0707 Jujuwashcloths 2
Originally uploaded by ponyknit

L to R: Nubbins, Shades of Green Face Cloth, and Back to School Face Cloth in Basketweave.
Juju stopped to ponder his modeling job. It was a tough one in the heat, but somebody's gotta do it !!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Quick post today...
Pic's of face cloths are coming, I just need to get some help from H.W.H.B. with his camera... (I couldn't figure out the battery situation, hence why they did not go up last night) Wish me luck!
I just entered a neat contest that NH Knitting Mama is holding! I just recently found her blog through KVV. Really cute idea! I enjoyed getting to know her and reading about the Chincoteague VA vacation. I visited there several times as a little girl, and I loved it! Hurry and get your entries in before Friday 7/13th!
Who said Friday the 13th isn't lucky? ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Cloth...

What happens when you have more Peaches 'n Cream? One more face cloth/dish cloth! After hand washing and blocking Nubbins and the Knitty basketweave cloths, I thought that I may gift the cloths as either face cloths or dish cloths. This is my first time using Peaches 'N Cream and I am not sure if it will become as soft as I would like a face cloth to become, but I'm sure it depends on the recipients preference. I like them a bit softer. I assume with more washes it will continue to soften, I will have to make more for myself to find that out (ha ha, scheming to make more). These are part of a set to gift. I will re-wash and block the other cloths with this one, and that way I can see how the second washing does with nubbins and the basketweave cloth. Yay for cranking out a dish cloth, Good warm-up for dish rag tag! :)
(Pic's coming ASAP, hopefully tonight!)

Shades of Green Face Cloth
Pattern: My own
Yarn: Peaches 'N Cream #168 Shades of Green
Weapons: Size 8 Clover Bamboo's
Dimensions: 7" X 14" (more like a small towel)
Start: 7/1
Finish: 7/3 (Almost complete on 7/1 and put it down for a while)

I CO 65 stitches and varied over 6 row sections from a seed stitch to a checkerboard pattern, to more seed stitch and then blocks and back to seed stitch, and more checkerboard and seed stitch until I was near the end of my yarn. I wanted to make a wider cloth, and it ended up being more rectangular than square because I liked the size it was and I wanted to only use one skein. The shades of Green turned out to be prettier than I thought. Maybe I will use up my extras from the 3 face cloths in another cloth.

OTN: Wisp
I have never done a YO before, so I am learning with this pattern. I am 6 or so rows in, but I may re-start now that I have started to get used to the Mohair and YO's.

(To my KVV Spoiler) Fiberwho, Did you get my card? I sent it from a different e-mail because it was connected to my Hallmark account. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here's to mini-vacations!

Small amount of knitting completed, but 5 days off makes a good break from work! (or my "real" job, I still taught riding lessons on both weekend days) I had a chance to meet up with friends and take a riding lesson up in New Hampshire.
Hey, Fiberwho: Just a note of thanks to my KVV spoiler, this swap shall be fun! The card was cute! I just figured out and set up the anonymous contact too. (This is my first swap!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Here we go again... this is contagious!

Thank you for signing up!
Welcome to Secret Pal
The Rules Please take time to read through the rules as there have been some minor changes. :-)

1. Deadline to sign up: July 31, 2007
2. Matches will be distributed: On or before August 15, 2007
3. Secret Pal dates: August 15, 2007 though November 30, 2007

Also, sometime last week, I signed up for yet another swap. That leaves me with Knitters Virtual Vacation, Dish Rag Tag, Stitch Marker Exchange and SP11. I think that's a healthy 4 right? :)

Swap Updates/Timeline:
KVV: (Package Rec. by: Sept. 3) I have received my Virtual Vacation match... YAY! I should stop by their blog and say hello! Do any swap members know if we have to keep our packages annonymous? A comment on the blog the other day made it look like we are supposed to keep the location as a mystery, but I don't see how that would work with return addresses...

Dish Rag Tag: (Race begins: Aug 1st) Go Team #5!

SME: (mail by Sept. 30th) All signed up and ready to go!

SP11: (Aug-Nov)

I have time off this week, so that hopefully means that I'll get some pics and knitting udpates...

OTN: Another face cloth

Monday, July 2, 2007

LYS Friday

YAY for Chrismas in June sale! (I love that they couldn't wait until July, neither could the owner of the store's baby, he was due in July and just HAD to be born on Friday!) The sale also made me start thinking about Christmas knitting.
Several purchases... hopefully many future FO's! (Pic's coming soon!)

Soon to be OTN:

1. Wisp in pink Classic Elite La Gran mohair (+ bought the needles) Just have got my eye out for buttons!
2. Corazon Fair-Isle Mittens Ella Rae Classic in mauve (#24)/pink (#52) Ella Rae Classic
3. Fingerless Mitts in Nashua Handknits, Wooly Stripes (color WS09 Faded Blues) totally HAD to have them! Pattern from One Skein book.
4. Aileen Cabled Purse Two hanks of Tahki Donegal Tweed homespun (#863 red)

In Queue:
Need the Yarn: Gossamer Scarf in Mohair (One to try out pattern (maybe gift) and 1 to gift in tan/brown. Pattern: One Skein book.

Back Burner:
Fingerless mitts that I like, but need the yarn for them.

Option 1 Nearly Gloves (inspiration of the first pair, but yarn I purchased will not look good with this pattern)

Option 2 The ever so popular Fetching.

Convertible gloves/mittens (have not settled on a pattern yet)

Speaking of mittens, here is a FO that I just uploaded the pic for:
Plaid Mittens
Pattern: The Blue Blog Patterns byAlison Hansel.
Yarn: Bernat, Solo Nouveaux (#57040)
Weapons: US 10 1/2 circular (Plastic) and 10 1/2 DPN's (Bamboo, Clover)
Skills: Circular knitting and DPN.
Start/Finish: Approx. 1/2/07-2/1/07

Notes: Great pattern! The pattern called for DPN but it was really easy to follow being my first time knitting with circular needles. I have never used DPN's either, so it was a great time to learn!

Sorry for the pretty ugly pic. They were just out of the washing machine, I blocked them and they look *more* like duplicates now. These are my first mittens... so even though they are not perfect, I love them! I attempted to felt them because the cuffs were wide, next time I will cast on less stitches to solve that problem. The yarn kept things interesting leaving spec's of color every now and then. Plaid Mittens were a quick and well-written pattern that produced a nice and warm knit!