Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Checking my list...

One Scarf down...
Two scarves in view...

1. Airy Scarf is coming along. (I also purchased US 10 needles for future Airy Scarves. I may like it a bit better, but I'm sticking with my US 10 1/2's for this one)

2. Purple Purl Scarf update, I have the larger needles, just need to get started

3. One pair of Urban Necessity Gloves needs to be casted on in Cascade 220

What else can I get done in time?
4. Maybe more mittens using Last Minute Knitted Gifts Pattern

(Yes, my list is a bit optimistic for my schedule. I'm hoping... countdown is getting a bit too scary at this point.)

I have also been gathering my upcoming swap gifts;

Christmas Around The World: Just one gift needs to be knitted. I have materials for what I intended to make, but not sure if I will make a dishcloth instead.

Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap: Gifts are almost done. Waiting to buy coffee right before it's shipped.

SP11: (last package) has been shipped and my identity will be revealed soon :)

Winter Stitch Marker Exchange is starting soon. Not sure what my partners like/dislike so I do not know if I need more materials.


Dipsy Doodle said...

Wow, you've been knitting up a storm lately, I'm totally impressed! Can't wait to see a lot of pics of all your knits!

Megan said...

Now this is the kind of Christmas project list I'm talking about. Do you know there are freaks out there already done with their Christmas knitting? It's not even December 26th yet or anything! LOL