Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WWCS Topic of the Week and Some Gingerbread

This week's Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap Topic;
What is the ideal setting for enjoying the perfect cup of coffee? Who would be there - or would you be alone? Inside or out? Morning or night? With food or just the steaming cup of joe?

Like most of the responses I've read this far, it would be in silence. A perfect cup of coffee would be a quiet and still moment in the morning. Outside if it is warm, inside of it is cool. I'm not picky ;) Food would be a bonus. A nice piece of warm banana bread or a biscotti would hit the spot.

I love decorating Gingerbread Houses. If your the same, you have to see this site. Jenny Harris made a virtual house to decorate without the calories and mess ;) Wheee!

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AlisonH said...

Hot cocoa for me, and then: outside. With the warm summer morning sun on my face. Watching a chipmunk on the ground that's reaching for the peanut in my outstretched hand, while the birds scritch through the sunflower seeds at the feeder, scattering some down to the squirrels below. Or at the C&O Canal with good friends, watching the Potomac River flowing by.