Sunday, November 4, 2007

Postman 2: Me 0

Still at war with the postman, but I got Halloween goodies from my SP! (this time he didn't leave the package at the wrong address, but he just kept the package at the post office and took his time telling me it was there)
I received the package on Halloween, but it took me a little time to post the goodies, I had an out of town wedding this weekend. My SP sent me the usually adorably wrapped gifts, but I wasn't patient enough to take pictures before opening :) Here are some pic's of what was inside; Two adorable hand knitted cloths, one with a skull, the other with a pumpkin.

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She also packed some yummy treats, one skein of P&C, a chocolate skull, ghost notepad, ring pop, and pumpkin PEZ.

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Thanks so much SP! I can't wait for you to reveal yourself! Thank you for the Halloween treats! You rock! I am going to keep using the cloths for a little while longer, they're too cute to put away for next year!

Here's a beautiful foliage shot from my commute this weekend. This bridge in Connecticut was called "Hero's bridge."

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Nichole said...

You have one of those incompetant government workers on your route too, eh?

Rebecca said...

i have trouble with my postal carrier, too. we live in a neighborhood that was formerly a rural route, so i think that is the biggest problem. he thinks he should crease every magazine i get down the center. and he's done it with photos i've ordered from kodak, too. anyway, at least you got your package, eventually!

The Princess said...

Fun package! And a lovely fall shot! That bridge is very familiar! I'm so glad to be living in such a great part of the country to experience all that is a lovely fall!

have a good one :)