Thursday, October 18, 2007

Winter Wonderland Questionnaire

Mmmmmmm Winter time, Coffee and Yarn, perfect combination!

I started seeing other people post their's, so here's my Questionnaire for Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap:


What are your favorite kinds of coffee? (Brands, Roasts, anything at all you'd like to share!) I prefer "regular" flavored coffee. On a daily basis I prefer "traditional roasts" and occasionally I do Cafe Mocha or Mochacchino's for a special treat. I am open to try anything in the traditional realm of flavor. I still drink Starbucks Frappucchino's that are flavored (Java Chip Light), but is the only time I do something flavored beyond "coffee."

Do you prefer whole bean or ground coffee? I prefer whole bean, but I will drink either.

This time of year, there are often Holiday Blends available, and many flavored coffees - do you drink flavored coffee? Do you enjoy special blends? Not really flavored. I especially do not like french vanilla or hazlenut. I am open to try "blends" like something that is a rich blend, bold, or mocha.

How do you take your coffee? Cream and Sugar? Straight up? Decaf? A touch of skim milk only please ;) No Decaf.

Do you prefer drinking from a nice thick mug, or a matched cup and saucer? Thick mug. I like to sip, and I find if I'm having a cup at home I have to use something that keeps my coffee hot for a long time so that I get the chance to finish it before it is cold.

Winter and Holidays - PLEASE be descriptive! Your pal will need this information to be sure to put together a package you will enjoy!

What is your favorite part of Winter? SNOW! I love playing in snow, skiing, how beautiful it looks, everything snow :)

Do you celebrate a holiday in December, and if so, which holiday? Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, do you put up a tree? Yes

Would you enjoy items related to the holiday, or would you prefer a Winter themed package? Either or, I love the season itself, and snow. If you have more Christmas ideas, that is fine also.

Do you collect anything? Are there any holiday or winter-themed items (Snowmen, Angels, Snoflakes, Santas, etc) that you collect? Yes, I have a fair amount of books ranging from horseback riding/instruction to cooking/baking to animal rights to various "fun" novels and of course Knitting books. I collect Miles Davis books and music. (I became obsessed with him and Jazz when I played flute and trumpet and sang during high school.) I also collect the little shell "animals" that touristy shops sell everywhere. I have probablly 6 different ones from my travels. It's sort of an "incidental" collection, I can't stop myself from buying them when I see new animals. I'll have to get a pic of them. I also have a collection of "Trail of Painted Ponies." (handpainted horse statues, I linked in case you are curious)

Do you wear scarves? Mittens? Hats? Yes, yes, and yes. I like to change the scarf/mittens that I am wearing on a regular basis, it keeps things interesting. This year will be a bit difficult to wear all of the "collection" that I have because I just bought a red wool pea coat. I used to have a black coat and not have to worry as much. I better get knitting then...

What is your favorite holiday or winter treat? Tie: Hot Chocolate and gingersnap cookies.

Please share a favorite Winter or Holiday memory. Riding my horse bareback in the snow. His heavy winter coat kept me warm and playing in the snow is always such a blast.

Yarn and Crafting

Do you Knit or Crochet? For how long? Knit. Coming up on 2 years. (Jan 2006). I'm sure I'll learn how to Crochet one of these days.

Do you like wooden, metal, or plastic needles\hooks? Circular or straight? I used to knit extensively with bamboo, but then I purchased some plastic circulars and then I got the Knitpicks Interchangeable set and I LOVE circulars. I use different needles with each project, it varies.

What sort of projects do you enjoy making? Washcloths, Scarves and Mittens.

What are your favorite types of yarn to work with? I haven't worked with too much yet, so I am open to try new things. So far I have enjoyed wool, mohair, and cotton. I do not like fun fur or eyelash yarn.

Do you spin or dye? No

Do you do other crafts such as scrapbooking or needlepoint or anything else? I am interested in sewing more. I keep thinking of fun projects.


When is your birthday? June 3rd.

Do you have any children? (Furry kind count!) Only furry ones. Dee, my Percheron/Thoroughbred 8 y.o. mare and Daizzy, my smooth collie.

What are your favorite colors? Yellow and blue. Pink is up there also.

Do you have any allergies? Yes, My skin is sensitive to anything with a ton of" additives."

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It's me ..your secret WWCS Pal...I'm very excited to be your pal..and have a few ideas of what I plan to do for you....take care and have a great day!