Monday, October 8, 2007

SP11 Goodies

So my SP ROCKS and unfortunately my Mailman does not. Because I moved in August I am currently having my mail forwarded. This package was sent from my *new* address and forwarded to my *old*... something wrong with that you think? It took me all week to track down the package, but I finally got it! If I only knew they would do things backwards, I could have defeated the system. Hopefully my Mailman will figure it out, soon!

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Here's what I found in the box. Bundles and bundles of packages with instructions and a note to read after I opened everything to explain the gifts. All numbered. And after unwrapping I found this:

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After reading the "explanations" I knew that not only did she snoop my want list and pick up the Panopticon "Knitting Road Signs" bag, and Rusted Root pattern, but she got me needles and sock yarn (Knitpicks Felici) to make my *first* socks. (Its part of her scheme to get me addicted to sock knitting like she is.) She also read about me needing somewhere to keep my newly made stitch markers and she gave me the cutest Alligator case to store them. I also got some cute pencils that go with the scarf I made , and a notebook to take some knit notes. (Ravelry Snooping) I also got some cute post-its in more of my favorite colors and a yummy lavender & chamomile candle. Thanks to my SP! You are a very thoughtful person, and I feel quite spoiled. I have enjoyed getting to know you through each correspondence, and I can't wait to know just WHO "ewe" are!

I gifted some more stitch markers to Moriah when I got together with her this weekend and went to see Jane Austen Book Club (link borrowed from the lovely Moriah). The movie was good. It hit home a little bit too much at times, but we couldn't get over the high presence of knitting content. It was great to get some time to hang out.

OTN: Dad's X-Mas Scarf. Multi-directional diagonal scarf using Paton's SWS. I casted on last week (made it 5" wide) and ended up frogging it after making two triangles, because it wasn't wide enough. After spending way too long untangling the mess, (read: splitty) I cast on again and made it 6" wide this time.


Nichole said...

GREAT swap goodies!

kobe said...

awesome blog! i had the same problem with the mailman too! I'm Kansas City, MO though I'll be checking back , good blog ponyknit... that is funny!

Jen said...

You have a very nice secret pal! That is some good stuff!

I am glad that you were able to track down your package. ;)