Monday, October 1, 2007

Ravelry Review & Knitpicks Swag

A Brief Review of Ravelry

1. Organization at last!
The BEST organizational tool EVER! I didn't sign up because I thought it was just sort of the "thing" for the moment, but after I signed up into line and I saw just how many people were interested and how big it was getting, I was glad that I signed up when I did!

2. Favorite: My favorite part of the site that I have found is that for each pattern you can look and see which yarns people have used. I would like it to be linked so that you can see the project itself instead of having to go and look for the specific project that is using the yarn that was listed, but I really can't complain! (It's probably a work in process, these people have thought about EVERYTHING)

3. Friends: I am really enjoying seeing how many people are making what. Sure I'm still going to read all of your blogs, but it's nice to have your current WIP pic's available in a click, or to see what you just put up on your Queue. I love the feature that lets you see what your friends are up to lately. It gets the creative juices flowing!

4. Stash/Queue: I love that I have somewhere to actually write out things in my stash that have specific projects in mind already. I find that I blog that also, but this is in a more convenient and better organized format. I also like that I can put which yarn I am intending to use when I have the project sitting in my queue. I am just trying to keep my Queue from getting too large. I saw some discussion for having multiple Queue lists, so that you can have projects that you have the yarn for and have planned, and then you could have another list for the ones you really would like to do at some point in the future. I am also finding that there are certain projects that I want to save for certain occasions as gifts or etc. and don't have the need for them yet. There is a "favorite" list, but for some reason I want a way to make different lists instead of using just Queue or Favorite. I have saved Favorite for projects that I definitely don't have the materials for yet, or that I like or admire, but do not anticipate knitting soon.

5. Groups/Forums: The groups and forums are great! I have been really busy since my invite (seems to be the trend with everyone else too) so I am sure that I will discover more and get even more sucked into it over time! It is definitely the BEST time sucker ever! Hats off to Casey and Jess!

For those of you in already, find me! username: ponyknit

Ready to see some Knitpicks Swag?

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

I wanted to buy my SP some Knitpick items and I also had finally decided to buy the Interchangeable Options set. (Couldn't ignore the free shipping!) A set of the new Harmony tips and some yarn needed for my Queue "happened" to fall into my stash before I checked out.

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

I have several baby items to make for the winter. I picked up some "Essential" for Saarjte Booties. (Sorry to non-ravelry'ers, easier to link) I needed teenie tiny needles so I also got a sock needle set. (Maybe this will inspire me to give socks a try?)
I am in love with the Summer Shawlette! (3 sk. Ambrosia) (Alternative link to Knitting Daily on toolbar)
For Wisp #2. (2 sk. Alpaca Cloud)
A Magnetic Pattern Holder = Coolest invention for $10.
And I wanted to try Cotlin as an alternative to P&C and S&C. (Many colors were sold out ;( )

Originally uploaded by ponyknit
Also, I may or may not have picked up some Shimmer in order to make some PIF goodies. (See this post.) Shhh top secret project! (Yes, they're even more delicious in person!)

Stay tuned for some new photos to be uploaded tonight.

1. I have FO pic's of WISP.
2. I just finished weaving ends and stitching little faces onto the Lion Washcloths (Grrr from Knitty) last night. They'll be ready for my trip to Florida to visit my nephews and niece later this month. I still haven't decided what to knit my (almost) 5 y.o. niece. I think I'm going to wait until after I visit her to decide. It's tough being that they live in FL!
3. Wound and almost OTN: I bought some Paton's SWS yesterday for a X-Mas gift (multi-directional diagonal scarf).


MelissaKnits said...

I LOVE those booties and HAVE to make them before grandbaby comes.

I think Mr. Wonderful should be grateful I gave up riding - boarding is a lot more expeisnve than one silly Bohus kit....

Nichole said...

Nice haul from KP!

Dorothy said...

What an AWESOME delivery from KP!

Megan said...

My only complaint with ravelry is that I am now going to be forced to join (pay for) Flickr to upload all the pictures of my stash and to make more than 3 folders.

AlisonH said...

I thought like you thought, only I didn't sign up till about ten days ago. Nearly 12,000 people ahead of me still; no surprise there. What did surprise me is how many people joined up after me--I'm not the only late-for-the-party!