Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Postcards from Florida

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Here's a WIP shot of Dad's Scarf before I left for vacation. It's my first project using my new Knitpicks' options needles. I thought I'd be "clever" and swap over to my Harmony needles for the airport security, to hopefully make it through. Turns out, Providence RI Security didn't bat an eyelash at my Harmony needles (YAY!), and after hours upon hours of knitting, the newly knitted parts of the scarf were CLEARLY wider than when it was knit on my nickel needles. I kept knitting on the scarf because it was in front of me and the only knitting I had packed in my carry on. (Memo for next flight: Pack more knitting and expect a reasonable change in my gauge from nickel to bamboo!) So after I arrived in Lakeland, I frogged a fair amount of scarf, switched back to my nickel needles and I think I have finally overcame the"frogged" portion and now I'm onto new lengths :) I know what I'll be doing while watching the game tonight! (color is more accurate in initial pic)

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Nichole said...

Yes, yes... Go Sox!

Megan said...

The scarf looks good. Great game last night - on my way to nap so I can make it through tonights. :-)

Rebecca said...

what a lovely scarf. the colors are so natural and warm and yummy. hoooray for those soxy boys, too. my DH is a major Cleveland fan, but i like the underdog (which cleveland has been in the past) but who is the biggest underdog of them all? oh those red sox!