Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Won! I Won!

I entered this Back to School contest and I won A beautiful Black Walnut Nostepinde!

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Beautiful hugh? It's from Wooly Wonka Fibers. Thank you so much Susan! It was a very thoughtful prize! I will think of you every time I use it. I will have to take a pic when I wind something next!

Post EDIT: For those of you wondering, a Nostepinde is Scandinavian for "Nest Stick." Basically, it winds center-pull balls. It's really neat. Lower tech than a ball winder, but less apt to break, and more beautiful in my opinion. My first attempt produced more like a football shape, instead of a cake, but now that I've read some more instructions maybe my next attempt will be neater. I'll take a pic next time. I imagine it will just take some more practice. It only took about 5 mins, so I was impressed!

Then I entered Holly's destash contest, and won that one too! Whoo hoo! I'll post pics once I receive this stash busting prize! (Isn't the color luscious?)

I just found the "winning" notification e-mails, they were days apart! Literally 8/31 and then 9/1! It couldn't have happened at a better time, I had a rough move/breakup and needed the uplift! I should have known I could count on my knitters and a stroke (or two!) of luck!

And here's a FO you may recognize:

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3 Lion Washcloths

Pattern: Grrr from Knitty by Alice Bell

Weapons: Size 8 (Bamboo Straights)

Yarn: CottonEase in TerraCotta (double stranded)

Started/Finished: Sept 2007

Recipients: My 2 y.o Triplet Nephews

Notes: Yarn held double stranded throughout. I chose to use both skeins to simplify this. I have close to one skein left after making 3 (combined). The looping in the pattern is a bit tough with the cotton on my hands (carpal tunnel) but it's easy to whip through several rows in no time. Cute end result, and easy to memorize pattern.
Picture shows pre-steam. I may steam them to make them lay more flat. A few corners are rolling from tighter loop stitch.

And here's another FO that you may recognize:

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Wisp from Knitty by

Yarn: 3 sk. Classic Elite La Gran Mohair

Weapons: Size 7 circulars

Started/Finished: July-Sept. 2007 (way too long, but life got in the way)

Measurements: to be edited asap

New Skills: YO

Recipient: Me?

I am definitely going to knit this one again. (I have already bought 2 sk. Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud.) It ended up being more narrow than I would have liked. I should have gone up in needle sizes, but once I got the hang of the pattern I didn't want to frog it. Initially this pattern was difficult to memorize but once I got it, it was a fast knit. A larger needle would have made the knitting a lot smoother. At times I was knitting too tightly. I used up absolutely all of the 3 skeins of Classic Elite. For my first lace project, I am pleased with it. It may have turned into more of a wide scarf, but I still like it. I'll save the buttons for the next one.

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Meet Daizzy: Not quite a Glamour shot, but Daizzy wasn't up for posing, she was trying to strut around while wearing it and that doesn't make for good photos!

Daizzy is the dog I mentioned before. I co-own her with my mom. She is a smooth collie. She has been living with her sister (a rough collie) and my parents. Last year when I moved back into the area after grad school I tried to have her live with me in my apartment, but she just wasn't happy living without her sister. Now that I am living there too, it is nice to get this time with her again


Megan said...

What a high fashion dog! LOL

Nichole said...

Daizzy is a beauty!

Cass said...

Congrats! You're lucky these days! And lovely FOs. My mom has a smooth coat collie named Eliza. :)

and WTF is a Walnut Nostepinde? It looks painful.