Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Thursday!

You know that Thursday means...

I am updating my sidebar. My Grey's knitting will be my dad's scarf tonight. WIP photo's soon, as soon as Flickr behaves!

Any animal lovers out there?
Meet Snickers. She needs a lot of veterinary care, and her parents need help.
I came upon this webpage, and I couldn't just skim past the story. There is a scarf pattern that has been created as a fundraiser for Snickers. For $5.50 you get to know that every cent of your sale is going towards Snickers surgery costs, and you get a cute scarf pattern to knit up . Don't you also want to help a Feline too?


Anonymous said...

Weeee Grey's!! I barely knit at all when I watch but I have it in my hands so that counts right? In sadder news one of the stitch markers came apart :'( But since you have me so many I still have plenty. I also have all the pieces so that you can show me how to do it next time I see you. *love*

Snickers said...

Thanks, Alicia.

Nichole said...

Oh gosh, poor Snickers! My Zeus had 2 torn cruciate ligaments and we got $3000 in the hole last Sept with knee #1... and we've been putting off the 2nd one, but our vet is saying it really should be done before year's end, so... :(