Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

Few things;

Contest Alert: Megan is holding a 100 things contest. If you enter, please tell her I sent ya so we can both get extra entries!

While reading my bloglines, I found out from Yarn Miracle's blog in today's post that this years USPS holiday stamps are knitted. Cute hugh?

Ravelry: For some reason I started looking at the 2004 Winter Knitty. Cape May sparks interest, as does Leftovers (Cute vest pattern, most likely I'd make it one color or etc. not a huge fan of the stripes) I've been considering making a wine cozy from "One Skein Wonders", but these patterns look good too. And as if my Queue didn't have enough scarves already, wavy is cute.
The more I'm on Ravelry, the more I dig out old issues of Knitty or etc. I can't wait for the new Knitty :)

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