Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lion talk

All this Lion talk reminded me about a quiz I saw a LONG while ago on Knitting Nurses' blog.

Which Lion King character are you?

You are Nala! Caring, sensitive, courageous and out-going, your friendly nature and adventurous spirit inspire and comfort those around you. You can talk with anybody at anytime and not feel pressured or uneasy. Your greatest quality, though, is your compassion. Your friends KNOW who to come to when they need to talk to someone about their feelings, or just to let off some steam about a bad day. You're always there for them, and nothing makes you feel better than knowing you've cheered up a friend!

I know I owe you guys my thoughts on the BEST time sucking creation EVER Ravelry. (which is also a great organizational tool) I need to post some yummy yarn and needles too. (I got my order in from Knitpicks.) AND, I hope to have some FO photos of the Wisp!

Also, I thought I'd pass on the info: Crazy Aunt Purl's book is on Amazon pre-order now.(You can save $5) If you'd rather have it NOW, it's already stocked on Barnes & Noble shelves. Have you all seen her book sweepstakes?

OTN: Lion Washcloths (2 down, 2/3 of the last one to go!)

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