Monday, August 20, 2007

Overdue Dish Rag Tag post!

What I got from Deborah
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I received the box Monday evening (8/13) when I came home from work. OF COURSE it was a night that I had to teach a riding lesson and ride my horse, so I ended up starting my dish rag at 9pm. But, I got it done and mailed before work at 8:30am. Deborah sent me two skeins of Peaches 'N Cream, a beautiful dishcloth, treats of jelly beans, yarn needles and a yummy candle. Thanks Deb! From the gifted Peaches 'N Cream (#159 Pink Lilacs) I made my own basketweave cloth by casting on 45 stitches and making 5 st wide blocks alternating over 6 rows to make over a 9" dish rag to be sure I met the requirements for the race. I also made a seed stitch border on either end.

My Dishcloth
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I added my dish rag, two new skeins of Peaches 'N Cream, some yummy treats and sent the package out to Jennifer.

What i sent to jennifer
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(I took soo long to post this, Jennifer has already posted her leg of the race on her blog. GO Team Running Ragged!

While I had a borrowed camera, I took some WIP shots of my Wisp.

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Wisp in my knitting bag with the Ravelry pin that I got at Yarn Harlot when Moriah and I met the creators Jess and Casey . (Yes, I'm still waiting)

Found you!
  • You signed up on June 29, 2007
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Wisp WIP
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Skein of Peaches 'N Cream for size comparison. On 9th pattern repeat (of 17)

wisp WIP close-up 08/14
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Wisp Close-up. Not soo sure that my lace is perfect, but this is my first time trying it and it looks uniform, so I'll be ok with that. I have heard blocking really opens it up, so we'll see.

I've got lots more to post, I'll be posting more soon!

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Nichole said...

Is this dish rag tag FUN??? You guys are kicking butt!