Thursday, August 9, 2007

Odds 'N Ends

1. Have you seen SwapDex? It's for the most swap-addicted individuals (such as me). Now I've got it on Bloglines... I'm starting to wonder just how GREAT SwapDex and Bloglines are... I smell trouble~ they are addicting!

2. I joined yet another swap. (Caused by #1 above) I keep validating joining new swaps because they are all at different times, there isn't much overlap except for SP11 spanning over the next few months. (::Waves:: to my SP11 pal!) Otherwise all of my other swaps are at different times. This one is the Christmas Around The World Knitter's Swap. I'm already getting excited about making most of my Christmas presents this year, and this swap is all about that!

3. PIF: Anyone else want to participate in my Pay it forward exchange? I've got two open spots for spoiling! (look one post down)

4. Contest! Stop on by Cass' blog and enter the contest that she is holding in honor of her #222 post! Mention my blog when you enter, and if I win I'll have to reward you for your help!

5. KVV: I'm finishing up my Knitter's Virtual Vacation Package... I'll be sending it soon! (Hey to my spoiler FiberWho! (I'll try to e-mail you soon, if you haven't mailed my package yet I can give you an updated address. I'll have my mail forwarded and I'm not moving far from my old apartment, but it may reach me faster!))

6. DRT: Also, I'm continuing to stalk my mailbox. I'm the next leg in team Running Ragged's DRT race :) Keep up the good work guys!


Nichole said...

I'm the next in line for my Lucky #13 Dish Rag Tag team too... its enroute the the lady before me and she should have it probably tomorrow... what fun!

Rachel said...

I've been gone in the woods for awhile and just now catching up on blogs! I'm still going through your latest posts but wanted to say that I really like the Pay It Forward idea. I'd like to participate if you still have an open spot. While it won't take a year to get 3 handmade gifts sent, it's helpful there isn't a specific time frame on it! Just let me know if I 'signed up' in time (email is rachieraeATgmailDOTcom)

Jenna Z said...

Hey, thanks so much for the linky-love! I'm so glad you are getting some use out of the SwapDex!!

Alaina said...