Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mail Bag

A few things have come and gone with the mail these days...

First of all, GO Team Running Ragged! (see our speedy progress on the sidebar) Hurry! :)

I mailed out my Knitters Virtual Vacation package early this week. (I'm still amazed that I found everything that I wanted to send, it all had gotten packed in different places during the move.) I'm excited to find out where I virtually vacationed!

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She came to visit me in Massachusetts... virtually!

1. Massachusetts representation of buttons (from Windsor Button, of course!)
2. Hershey's chocolate (hey, PA is a neighbor, had to do it)
3. Jelly Beans for more sweets
4. Yankee Candles (near and dear to my heart after being in college and grad school next to where they are made in western MA)
5. Yarn choices were not really local. I could have gotten her local wool, but she prefers softer yarns. I read that she loves Rowan, so I thought Berocco Ultra Alpaca and Rowan Kidsilk Spray were good choices.

I hope she enjoys it! I'm going to wait to post who she is to keep the package a surprise!

I received an awesome and unexpected package from my SP11!!! She packaged it in an adorable alligator box, wrapped gifts in yellow and blue (my favorite!). I didn't have the patience to take pictures until after I had opened everything, but trust me, it was cute. I got a cute card, two yummy skeins of Malabrigo (beautiful color, I would have picked out up myself!) Handmade magnets that spell out my name (adorable!) and a cute sheep magnet. Thanks SP11! I look forward to getting to know you, and eventually knowing who my spoiler IS! (sort of random that we're in a similar boat hugh?)

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Just in case you need a little closeup... (I know I do) mmmmmalabrigo :)

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I also did a little shopping last week at my LYS. I needed one more thing for my KVV package, and a few other items just happened to "fall" into the bag...

2 skeins of Ella Rae. The color combos grabbed me. I was starting to think about fall and the yellow/brown/orange caught me. The other is cream/dark brown/light brown.

Ella Rae
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1 sk Rowan Kidsilk Spray

Rowan kidsilk
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It's more purple than this photo, that's what I get for taking pictures late at night. Surprisingly, I liked the purple (I know, I have this love/hate thing with purple.) I bought one skein for my KVV partner because she likes purple and anything Rowan. Then I thought of buying the other for a gift. That way I can see the pretty color, and know it's not for the keeping. Immediately I thought it was perfect for a friend of mine for a x mas gift. She LOVES purple. I have to get 2 more "complimentary" color yarns to make her the Purl scarf from "Weekend Knitting."

And if you thought I was out of pictures, in this picture-loaded post, here's what I found when I left the room for a minute...

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Meet Dusty Miller. (He answers to Dusto) He's the resident in my "apartment" in my parents basement where I'm living these days. Don't get me wrong, we are dog people here. I had always wanted a cat my whole life and one day my mom decided we'd "try it". He was being left at the vet hospital where my mom was a receptionist, and she couldn't turn down his green eyes and fluffy coat. He had been found in a junkyard in Worcester as a kitten, he was quite skinny (looked to be a runt) and had a cut on his foot. I am guessing he's around 13 years old, but I'm not sure. The only reason I think he has made it with us, is that he think he is a dog. When I come home and call him he comes running. We're working on the tail wagging part, but I have taught him to roll-over on command. (See what I mean? Maybe he's a hybrid...)
I'll be posting pictures of our two collies soon also. One I co-own with my mom, and the other is just my mom's. My dog wasn't happy living without her sister in my old apartment, so she had been living with my parents. Dusty gets along with my dog surprising well. (She knows he's a cat, but he doesn't seem to get it)

Also: FiberWho, I'm sorry to hear you haven't been well! I hope things are improving. My dad just went through having a horrible bronchitis that turned into pneumonia and he then had a lung biopsy. Luckily he's feeling better now, with meds, but I know how it is! Feel better soon!


Nichole said...

Great pics... and boy is your SP11 spoiler FAST... we just started, didn't we??!! lol

Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so glad to see you finally received your package.
looks like the magnets came unglued. :o( those are easy to fix just wished they held up better on the way there.
dusto is a cutie! give hime a good rub and tell him it's from your sp.

Moriah said...

So much yarn!! I wish I was not so poor so that I could participate in more of these things!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!! *love*

aline said...

hi i just received your package thank you soo much for the gift i like everything
the buttons are really cute
and the yarn is wonderful
if you want something from france don't hesitate to ask

Holly of HollYarns said...

Hey Alicia,
You won my (HollYarns)destashing contest! Please send me an email telling me what colors you like and what one's you absolutely hate so I can throw in some extra yarn!
Oh, and your address and last name!

Megan said...

Dusty cracks me up. When my husband and I were first married I begged for a kitten, despite the fact that we lived in a postage stamp sized apartment with two dogs already. Pickles terrorized my dogs, loved my husband (who, we soon found out, is highly allergic to cats) and hated me. He was adopted (and renamed) by the vet when I got pregnant (my husband traveled and there was no one to change the litter). I miss him, but I don't think anyone else here does.