Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Here we go again... this is contagious!

Thank you for signing up!
Welcome to Secret Pal
The Rules Please take time to read through the rules as there have been some minor changes. :-)

1. Deadline to sign up: July 31, 2007
2. Matches will be distributed: On or before August 15, 2007
3. Secret Pal dates: August 15, 2007 though November 30, 2007

Also, sometime last week, I signed up for yet another swap. That leaves me with Knitters Virtual Vacation, Dish Rag Tag, Stitch Marker Exchange and SP11. I think that's a healthy 4 right? :)

Swap Updates/Timeline:
KVV: (Package Rec. by: Sept. 3) I have received my Virtual Vacation match... YAY! I should stop by their blog and say hello! Do any swap members know if we have to keep our packages annonymous? A comment on the blog the other day made it look like we are supposed to keep the location as a mystery, but I don't see how that would work with return addresses...

Dish Rag Tag: (Race begins: Aug 1st) Go Team #5!

SME: (mail by Sept. 30th) All signed up and ready to go!

SP11: (Aug-Nov)

I have time off this week, so that hopefully means that I'll get some pics and knitting udpates...

OTN: Another face cloth


hapagirl said...

You are right - swaps are contagious! Regarding KVV, I think the only the emails we send to our partners are supposed to be anonymous.

Kris said...

Hey there! I'm on the dish rag tag team #5. Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog. I hope you have a good time at the fourth of July celebrations.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm your Knitter's Virtual Vacation Swap Spoiler and it has taken me a few days to contact you because, and I quote,
"As this is a one package swap you do not have to have an anonymous email address - you will be required to contact your pal anonymously but this can be by commenting on their blog. If you would like to have an anonymous email address, go right ahead, it will help with the fun of the swap. Besides sending those Hallmark cards is loads of fun".

Since I have never been anonymous before, it took me a few days to figure out how to set this all up. But I think I'm on track and set to spoil! So get ready-this should be some serious fun!

jennifersm said...

Hi, Alicia. Thanks for your comments--lucky you to be aunt to triplets! Glad you heard from your KVVS partner. Also glad to see you're not the only one tempted by swaps; I'm going to check out SP11, too!

Anne said...

Hey guys - maybe I can help. You do 'reveal' yourself when you send out your package, Alicia - just not before. So you can use anonymous comments like your pal did (Hi Alicia's Pal!) or you can create an email address at yahoo or gmail and use that - something like "SecretSwapperName@gmail.com" or what have you :)

I'm so jealous you're in dishrag tag!!

Nichole said...

Its a small world after all... I'm in the KVVS, Dish Rag Tag (GO LUCKY TEAM 13!) and SP 11 also!