Monday, July 2, 2007

LYS Friday

YAY for Chrismas in June sale! (I love that they couldn't wait until July, neither could the owner of the store's baby, he was due in July and just HAD to be born on Friday!) The sale also made me start thinking about Christmas knitting.
Several purchases... hopefully many future FO's! (Pic's coming soon!)

Soon to be OTN:

1. Wisp in pink Classic Elite La Gran mohair (+ bought the needles) Just have got my eye out for buttons!
2. Corazon Fair-Isle Mittens Ella Rae Classic in mauve (#24)/pink (#52) Ella Rae Classic
3. Fingerless Mitts in Nashua Handknits, Wooly Stripes (color WS09 Faded Blues) totally HAD to have them! Pattern from One Skein book.
4. Aileen Cabled Purse Two hanks of Tahki Donegal Tweed homespun (#863 red)

In Queue:
Need the Yarn: Gossamer Scarf in Mohair (One to try out pattern (maybe gift) and 1 to gift in tan/brown. Pattern: One Skein book.

Back Burner:
Fingerless mitts that I like, but need the yarn for them.

Option 1 Nearly Gloves (inspiration of the first pair, but yarn I purchased will not look good with this pattern)

Option 2 The ever so popular Fetching.

Convertible gloves/mittens (have not settled on a pattern yet)

Speaking of mittens, here is a FO that I just uploaded the pic for:
Plaid Mittens
Pattern: The Blue Blog Patterns byAlison Hansel.
Yarn: Bernat, Solo Nouveaux (#57040)
Weapons: US 10 1/2 circular (Plastic) and 10 1/2 DPN's (Bamboo, Clover)
Skills: Circular knitting and DPN.
Start/Finish: Approx. 1/2/07-2/1/07

Notes: Great pattern! The pattern called for DPN but it was really easy to follow being my first time knitting with circular needles. I have never used DPN's either, so it was a great time to learn!

Sorry for the pretty ugly pic. They were just out of the washing machine, I blocked them and they look *more* like duplicates now. These are my first mittens... so even though they are not perfect, I love them! I attempted to felt them because the cuffs were wide, next time I will cast on less stitches to solve that problem. The yarn kept things interesting leaving spec's of color every now and then. Plaid Mittens were a quick and well-written pattern that produced a nice and warm knit!

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